Sleeping in a potato | The Potato Hotel


In the region known for … you guessed it: potatoes (!), this giant potato has been placed and has an Airbnb function. The giant fake potato, before being used as an Airbnb accommodation, drove across America to promote potatoes. After the promotion tour, the potato got its new destination as Airbnb room.

Great way to promote a product! An Airbnb room would be great in some regions in the Netherlands as well, we have a lot of potato fields! Or how about a giant Airbnb wooden clog or giant Tulip in the tulip fields ;-). 


Sleeping in a potato

The potato stands just outside Boise in the middle of the Idaho countryside in America, on approximately 400 hectares of farmland to really experience the feeling that you are sleeping inside a potato. The potato has a bathroom, air conditioning and a fireplace. If you are by any chance in the vicinity, we recommend to visit this unique Airbnb room!


Website: Idaho Potato 

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