Is your Dry January still going strong?


  • VAN SHA 'Not So Old Fashioned' and TeaVAN SHA 'Not So Old Fashioned' and Tea
  • 0.0% Kever Genever0.0% Kever Genever
  • NONA June non-alcoholic drinkNONA June non-alcoholic drink
  • Ferm Fatale - zero sugar and probiotic mocktailsFerm Fatale - zero sugar and probiotic mocktails
  • Dry January Kits by Hairless Dog BreweryDry January Kits by Hairless Dog Brewery

January has always been one of the longest and depressing months. While most of us have to unchill from a festive December month, we’re confronted with Dry January, Veganuary (and if you really want to go all the way, forget the Dairy too), we have Blue Monday (January 17 this year) and your own New Year’s resolutions.

But on the bright side: more and more delicious vegan and vegetarian products are available at the stores, restaurants and recipes on the internet. Besides trying out Veganuary lots of people try Dry January and for those who miss the taste of their cocktail, glass of beer or wine, more and more delicious (and even some distilled) non-alcoholic alternatives are hitting the market, we made a list of the latest drinks.

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Dry January is getting bigger every year, according to this article in Forbes, the estimated participants for 2021 was 6,5 million in the UK. How popular will it be this year? And know that a lot of pubs and restaurants have non-alcoholic options as well, keep visiting them!

VAN SHA Aromatic Spice | A distilled non-alcoholic alternative

Inspired by her own family’s roots, founder Sharan Bal captured the powerful and intense flavours of India in the distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit VAN SHA Aromatic Spice. The aromatic blend of Indian spices like saffron, neroli and galangal – with a subtle fresh-floral aroma, a hint of bitter-sweet citrus and warm spicy notes – creates a dark spirit. VAN SHA Aromatic Spice can be enjoyed pure on the rocks or in the mix with ginger ale. For cocktail lovers – VAN SHA is also delicious in a Not So Old Fashioned. VAN SHA is sugar-free, low-energy, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, and it does not contain added sugars, sweetener or artificial flavours. We received some new cocktail recipes with VAN SHA.

The VAN SHA ‘not so old fashioned’, Ingredients: 60ml VAN SHA; 10ml Spice syrup; 4 dashes of Angostura bitter (any will do), ice cubes.              Method: Build and stir over ice and ad an orange zest and peel.

The VAN SHA Tea, ingredients: 35ml VAN SHA; 80ml Green tea (prepare and cool); 20ml Lime of lemon juice; 15ml sugar syrup (any will do).        Method: shake and strain and garnish it with lime or lemon wedge

GINAMIS | A new 0% spirit from Amsterdam

GINAMIS wants to further challenge the norm in drinking in the category ‘non-alcoholic with good taste’. With this new alcohol-free spirit from Dutch soil, a cocktail can be enjoyed every moment of the day, even at breakfast. GINAMIS was officially launched on the Dutch market last year. It is a non-alcoholic spirit inspired by gin and developed, distilled and bottled in Amsterdam. The brand was conceived by brand new entrepreneurs and friends (amis) Jaap van de Weg and Cheng Yeung, who believe that taste and experience are the keys to success in the non-alcoholic segment. Both have extensive experience in the beverage industry. Check out the 2 mocktail recipes in the link in the title.

Kever Genever 0.0% | What do you drink if you do not want to drink?

Inspiration from 2019 and a non-alcoholic version of a real Dutch liquor, Jenever (or the so called Dutch Gin). Kever 0.0% is the very first ‘jenever or gin style’ 0.0%. The product has the characteristic light-grained and juniper flavors of quality jenever. Furthermore they use distillates such as pines, citrus and finally red pepper for a tingling kick. The grain alcohol has been replaced for distilled water. Kever Genever 0.0% can be mixed with tonic and a slice of grapefruit. Kever 0.0%  is the answer to the question: what to drink if you don’t want to drink? The product will launch in June.

NONA June | Gin-Tonic without hangover

The name NONA actually stands for two things: Nonalcoholic, but above all also for the number 9 (Nona in Latin). This number refers to the nine botanicals used in the gin. June refers to juniper, the ingredient that gives gin its unique taste. This is exactly why NONA June can call itself an alcohol-free gin: the rich and intense taste is preserved because the ingredients that match the original so well. No compromises are made: certainly not in terms of taste, quality and experience. NONA is not a drink: NONA is a moment. Also with 3 mocktail recipes, link in the title.

Ferm Fatale l The world’s first zero sugar probiotic mocktail

Ferm Fatale, also without alcohol and even better. It’s the world’s first zero sugar probiotic mocktail, they kicked off 2020 with the official launch of a line of shelf stable, raw, vegan, organic, probiotic non-alcoholic beverages. At only 22 calories and zero sugar per bottle, Ferm Fatale’s mocktails offer an alternative to typical beverages loaded with sugar and alcohol, giving consumers the freedom to enjoy a healthier choice while socializing.

Dry January Survival Kits by Hairless Dog Brewing Company

Non- and low alcohol beer are popular throughout the year, so were not going to name a beer except for Hairless Dog Brewing Company. They created ‘Dry January Survival Kits’,  Inspiration for other bars and restaurants? Create some non-alcoholic fun!

Dry January® continues to gain popularity among the ‘sober curious’ looking to experiment with the alcohol-free lifestyle. To assist those who want to give it a try, Hairless Dog Brewing Company has revealed its Dry January Survival Kits. Prices include your choice of the three Hairless Dog 0% ABV craft NA beer varieties and merchandise. Inspiration for other bars and restaurants? Create some non-alcoholic fun!

Non-alcohol wine | Wine makers hop on Dry January trend as well

Although we have not tried any non-alcoholic wines in years, we spot more and more enthusiastic wine writers on this subject. An article from BBC Good Food by wine expert Henry Jeffreys with a list of the best non-alcoholic and low-alcohol wines 2022 according to him, link in the title. We promise to try some this year!

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