VAN SHA Aromatic Spice | A distilled non-alcoholic alternative


  • Distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit VAN SHADistilled non-alcoholic dark spirit VAN SHA
  • Distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit VAN SHADistilled non-alcoholic dark spirit VAN SHA
  • Distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit VAN SHASharon Bal created Van Sha

Inspired by her own family’s roots, founder Sharan Bal captured the powerful and intense flavours of India in the distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit VAN SHA Aromatic Spice. The aromatic blend of Indian spices like saffron, neroli and galangal – with a subtle fresh-floral aroma, a hint of bitter-sweet citrus and warm spicy notes – creates a dark spirit. VAN SHA Aromatic Spice can be enjoyed pure on the rocks or in the mix with ginger ale. For cocktail lovers – VAN SHA is also delicious in a Not So Old Fashioned. VAN SHA is sugar-free, low-energy, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, and it does not contain added sugars, sweetener or artificial flavours.

There is plenty of choice in non-alcoholic alternatives for a festive lunch, brunch, dinner or even breakfast? A mocktail is a fun addition at the holidays! 

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VAN SHA No. 27 | The background story

VAN SHA believes that there is more than one way to drink a ‘beverage’ and makes it their mission to create spirits for an inclusive drinks experience, when you don’t just want an alternative for alcohol, but a genuine and delicious choice in non-alcoholic. Founder Sharan Bal has always had a strong connection to her roots in Punjab, India. What started as an experiment with different ingredients from her mother’s kitchen, took a follow up on the streets of India. While exploring the family’s agricultural heritage, divers vegetation to aromatic dried spices from spice markets – Sharan eventually found the distinctive and rich ingredients for VAN SHA. None of this came without a struggle, it took 2 years and 27 attempts to arrive at the perfect recipe: VAN SHA No. 27.

After carefully selecting the spices, they are individually extracted through maceration and distillation. The extracts create VAN SHA’s spice blend which is then perfected into the final Aromatic Spice. Finally, the water is added, filtered and bottled.

Sharan Bal (born and raised in The Hague) is an experienced non-drinker. She has worked for the world’s largest spirits company and has used her deep knowledge and understanding of how spirits are distilled to create a unique and complex non-alcoholic dark spirit. VAN SHA is an inclusive drinking experience for those who prefer an alcohol-free beverage. VAN SHA Aromatic Spice is now available in 70cl at Gall and Gall.

For those looking to create multiple non-alcoholic mocktails, check out: Ginamis, Seedlip, Ceder’s and STRYYK™ for example.

Website: Van Sha Spirits

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