CEDER’S | A premium drink with all the flavors of gin, without the alcohol


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Launched this week on the Dutch market: CEDER’S, an alcohol-free alternative to gin. The premium brand with Swedish and South African roots contains all flavors of gin but without alcohol. This makes CEDER’S one of the first to offer Dutch consumers an alcohol-free alternative to gin that does not compromise on taste. From the end of June, the first of the three flavors, CEDER’S Crisp, will be launched at 450 Gall & Gall locations in the Netherlands.

CEDERs | With ingredients from the Cedar Mountains of the Western Cape & pure Swedish water

CEDER’S is made with classical gin and rare South African plants, some of which can only be found in the Cederbergen of the Western Cape in South Africa. The plant extracts are mixed with pure Swedish water and bottled and produced in Sweden. CEDER’S Crisp is handmade and contains juniper, combined with citrus, cucumber and chamomile.

CEDER’S Crisp is a creation of the enterprising couple Craig Hutchison and Maria Sehlstrom, who were inspired by nature during their visit to the Cederbergen with its varied and intriguing plant extracts. It gave them the idea to distill these herbs into non-alcoholic gin. CEDER’S is made for those who like to live a conscious lifestyle and are looking for a refined, adult drinking experience without alcohol.

Craig Hutchison, co-founder and Managing Director of CEDER’S: “We are proud to have realized our ambition to make a natural and alcohol-free alternative to gin with plant extracts. We want to serve those who are looking for an alcohol-free drink, without having to compromise on a premium and refined taste experience. My wife and I came up with the idea for CEDER’S after we discovered the magical valley in the Cederbergen and are excited to market it together with Pernod Ricard Nederland.”

CEDER’S Crisp will be available from the end of June at 450 Gall & Gall locations in the Netherlands and is already available online at www.gall.nl. Other points of sale will be announced in due course. CEDER’S Drinks Ltd has entered into a partnership with Pernod Ricard Nederland to distribute the products and market them in the Netherlands.

Website: CEDER'S Drinks Ltd

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