Dry January Survival Kits by Hairless Dog Brewing Company


  • Dry January Kits by Hairless Dog Brewing CompanyDry January Kits by Hairless Dog Brewing Company
  • Dry January Kits by Hairless Dog Brewing CompanyDry January Kits by Hairless Dog Brewing Company
  • Dry January Kits by Hairless Dog Brewing CompanyDry January Kits by Hairless Dog Brewing Company

Enjoyed the December celebrations a bit too much? No worries, now it’s time for that, seemingly endless, Dry January Month. Hairless Dog Brewing Company created ‘Dry January Survival Kits’! Do you have a 0.0% alcohol twist in your restaurant, bar of café?

Dry January® continues to gain popularity among the ‘sober curious’ looking to experiment with the alcohol-free lifestyle. To assist those who want to give it a try, Hairless Dog Brewing Company has revealed its Dry January Survival Kits. Prices include your choice of the three Hairless Dog 0% ABV craft NA beer varieties and merchandise.

Reading time: 1 minute, creating your own Dry January 0.0% twist might take some time!

Dry January Survival Kits

Unlike category competitors who brew their NA beers with alcohol and then remove the alcohol (a process which leaves as much as 0.5% alcohol behind), Hairless Dog Brewing Company invented an innovative brewing process in which alcohol is never introduced, making it the first 0.0% ABV craft NA beer in the country.

Hairless Dog co-founder Paul Pirner, one of the founding members of the recently formed Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association (ANABA), says, “Dry January is no longer a month you have to suffer through with lifeless NA drinks. Along with our partners in the ANABA, we’re revolutionizing the industry and proud to offer a 0.0% ABV, truly NA, true craft beverage. As a former home brewer, it is important to me that Hairless Dog provides the full craft beer experience – from pour to mouthfeel to flavour. We invite anyone to give us a try – whether you are serving as a designated driver for the night, challenging yourself to a month of less or no alcohol, or adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle. Our Survival Kits give people a fun way to participate in Dry January with great NA beer and some cool gear as well.”

The new year also brings enhanced recipes for the company’s cornerstone brews — Citra Lager, India Pale Ale, and Black Ale – and updated packaging designs.

Hairless Dog Brewing Company

Hairless Dog Brewing Company is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is the first domestic US 0.0% ABV craft beer brand, crafting products in which alcohol is never introduced. Their brews are flavour-forward so you celebrate an active social life while making healthy choices. Whether you still enjoy traditional beers, but sometimes don’t want the alcohol, or you work from home, are pregnant, a first responder on call, or you’ve simply left alcohol behind for better health. Hairless Dog is here for you to enjoy with 0% alcohol and 0.0% regrets. For additional information, visit their website.

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Website: Hairless Dog Brewing Company

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