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Today is International Coffee Day. As inspiration for this fun day, we look back at articles that Horecatrends has published in recent years with the main topic, you guessed it; coffee. You’ll see articles about a matte black latte macchiato, historical coffees, clear coffee, edible coffee, peanut coffee and more special coffee trends/companies.

Get your cup of coffee, read along and look back at fun, unique, special coffee-related articles. Most of the titles down below of the articles are clickable so you get redirected to the original post, a few are not, this is because these articles are only published in Dutch so we just wrote a short summary of the post so you still get what it was all about.

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BeGood Coffee | Small sized, packaged coffee filters

 Published: 09-20-2019

Hotel, B&B and guest house owners recognize the problem. Just like at home, guests would like to be able to make coffee and tea in their room, and with that they have high quality standards as well. For good tea, a few bags and a kettle are enough. For coffee, you can’t always get away with instant coffee bags. However, most alternatives require an additional investment in the form of a coffee maker for, for example, cups or pads. The Dutch company Coffee Rituals BV offers a solution with BeGood: small-sized, packaged mini coffee filters containing high-quality freshly roasted coffee. The filters are hung above the cup, after which hot water can be poured on for a cup of delicious and really good coffee. A kettle is therefore sufficient. And as with tea bags, this way of brewing coffee offers a wide range of taste options. In addition, the bags can be provided with your own logo or design and you can even opt for your own recipe or blend.


The Dirty Cookie: shots of coffee served in cookies

Published: 08-05-2019

Inspiration from 2018 – a very Instagrammable cookie cup! Based on the American dessert ‘Milk & Cookies’ but the other way around. We didn’t spot those cookies cups in the Netherlands yet.

Located at the Union Market Tustin in Los Angeles, The Dirty Cookie, a unique cookie shot glass concept. They sell all kind of flavours in Cookie shots that are made in-house. We even read at FoodBeast that they make purple Ube Cookie Shots and Matcha Green Tea Cookie Shots. The basic remains the same, instead of dipping your cookie in milk, coffee or any other liquid at The Dirty Cookie the liquid gets poured in the cookie.


Matte black latte | The blackest coffee is sold at Round K in New York

Published: 09-20-2018

Another very ‘Instagrammable’ product: Matte black latte! Round K Coffee Roasters has been roasting coffee beans from around the globe since 2015. Owner OCKHYEON BYEON developed the wholesale system with their signature blends that are crafted to create holistic and immersive cultural experiences, like the ‘Matte black latte’, ‘the Wasabi latte’ and an ‘Egg Cappuccino’. Their  philosophy is incorporating space, atmosphere, mood, and flavor into the making of coffee. Each coffee bean is different and so is the roasting process. The café is reminiscent of Dah-Bahn (Korean coffee shops) and is inspired by the stories of older generations of South Korea. The design is a bit kitchy, with a mixed culture and a main actor, the barista. Round K café is located in Lower East-Side, on Allen Street in New York City.


Coffee Pixels | Makes it possible to eat your coffee

Published: 01-25-2018

Coffee Pixels is a food-tech startup from Riga, Latvia. They’re reinventing the coffee experience by turning specialty coffee into a mobile, ready to eat coffee bar with superfood qualities. Coffee Pixels uses the entire coffee cherry – the coffee bean and the antioxidant-rich fruit, which is combined with good fats (cocoa butter) to better absorb the antioxidants, as well as deliver a slower caffeine release, leading to a more sustainable energy boost.


CLR CFF | Colorless coffee in a bottle

Published: 04-26-2017

Clear Coffee or colorless coffee in a bottle, CLR CFF. Slovakians David and Adam Nagy came up with a solution to those awful coffee stains on your teeth: clear coffee. CLR CFF is made with high-quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water. It looks like water but it is cold coffee. Might be a secret ingredient for coffee based cocktails!


The Modbar: coffee machine with ‘taps’

Published: 08-19-2016

Without eye contact no hospitality. But in most coffee shops and restaurants they use those great baristas machines where the barista barely has the opportunity to stay in contact with the guest. To change this two Americans introduced the Modbar, one of the most advanced coffee systems in the world. With success because next to a lot of coffee shops in the USA and the UK we spotted the Modbar also in the Netherlands. First at coffee bar deli Roekoekoe, FG Restaurant in Rotterdam recently was the first restaurant with the Modbar.


Chikko Not Coffee | coffee like we had during the war

Delicious coffee but without caffeine, that’s exactly what Chikko Not Coffee is! They sell two variants of coffee based on chicory and spelt. The caffeine free variant for coffee! Culinary journalist Joël Broekaert (from the Dutch newspapers NRC & Vrij Nederland): “pure chicory has a pleasant, bitter quality, just like coffee. It obviously has accents of mocha and cacao.” During the second world war people drank it as substitute coffee.


Dutch Coffee | Cold coffee inside a bottle

Published: 03-18-2015

Jits Krol and Robert Nijhof became part of the hospitality industry with their Batavia Dutch cold coffee. The cold brewing method from the Dutch East India Company era is now also available in a bottled series. Jits: “In June 2014, we quit our jobs to enter a world full of specialty (ice) coffees. Batavia Coffee is a company with only one mission; To transfer our passion for Dutch Coffee to the Dutch people. ”


Gacha Gacha Coffee | A do-it-yourself coffeeshop by Maruyama Coffee

Published: 02-21-2020

A do-it-yourself coffeeshop, created by Nendo Design Studio for Maruyama Coffee In Japan. Although already closed it’s been an introduction to a coffeeshop that didn’t require many staff members. Nendo Design Studio created the almost fully-automated café called Gacha Gacha Coffee. The experience was inspired by Gachapon, a capsule toy vending machines that’s popular in Japan. The pop-up from October till November 2019, located in the observation deck of Roppongi Hills, featured 12 vending machines. At these machines consumers could purchase a capsule filled with coffee beans for ¥500 (USD 4.50). As from that the consumer had to take the coffee to semi-automated stations to brew it themselves. Staff only had to give information and clean up!


The idea behind Gacha Gacha Coffee is to create a coffee experience that makes you choose your beans, take time to watch it brewed and maybe even talk about coffee with a barista and of course enjoy the view at the observation deck! But as Trendwatching (we spotted Gacha Gacha Coffee in their ‘Innovation of the day’-trendletter) indicates it’s a great example on how you can use automation to face labour shortage, which we’re facing in the Netherlands as well.


Kaffeeform, coffee cups made from coffee grounds | How sustainable do you like it?

Published: 06-13-2019

The idea of ​​making coffee cups from coffee grounds came at the product design study that the founder of Kaffeeform, Julian Lechner, followed in Italy. After drinking countless cups of espresso, he wondered if the remaining coffee grounds could not be used for something new. After much experimentation and with the help and support of experts, companies, family and friends, the original idea was incorporated into an actual product. The five-year development period had many ups and downs, but since 2015, Kaffeeform has been making cups from coffee grounds!


Startup Atomo created the future of coffee | They hacked the coffee bean

Published: 02-19-2019

Atomo created the future of coffee; coffee without a bean. Startup Atomo, located in Seattle, uses naturally derived sustainable ingredients to create a smooth coffee with a perfect caffeine kick. By reverse-engineering the coffee bean, Atomo has created a naturally-derived and sustainable coffee with the same caffeine you’d expect and no harsh acid or bitterness. They analyzed the molecular compounds  in a cup of coffee and used the coffee’s blueprint to design the perfect cup of coffee without using any coffee beans. They produce a ground coffee, which looks and acts like a regular ground coffee and can be used in drip machines, pour overs, cups and French presses.


Matcha Mafia | Drinking 100% natural matcha lattes in the Amsterdam’s Pijp

Published: 06-06-2019

In 2018 Matcha Mafia opened the doors of their first location at Saenredamstraat 26 in the Amsterdam Pijp. Run by three matcha enthusiasts, Matcha Mafia wants to connect people with their matcha lattes and strive to be the first matcha brand to conquer Europe.

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