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The idea of ​​making coffee cups from coffee grounds came at the product design study that the founder of Kaffeeform, Julian Lechner, followed in Italy. After drinking countless cups of espresso, he wondered if the remaining coffee grounds could not be used for something new. After much experimentation and with the help and support of experts, companies, family and friends, the original idea was incorporated into an actual product. The five-year development period had many ups and downs, but since 2015, Kaffeform has been making cups from coffee grounds!

We completely missed this sustainable product while it is being made in our neighbouring country, Germany. And also used and sold at various places all over Europe!

Kaffeeform | Coffee grounds used for reusable cups with a long durability

What if, instead of throwing it in garbage bags, coffee grounds could be recycled into something useful and sustainable? That is the purpose of the company called Kaffeeform. From every cup of coffee you drink, about two tablespoons of coffee grounds end up in the trash can. That may not sound like a lot, but just multiply it by the amount of coffee that is drunk every year.

Kaffeeform offers a solution for this by producing espresso cups and saucers and to go cups made from dried coffee grounds and biopolymer. The cups look like stone but are light and easy to pick up. The material feels smooth, is durable, is resistant to the dishwasher and will even in principle survive a fall on a hard surface!

“They even smell a bit like coffee”, according to the owner of Kaffeeform. To make the cups as sturdy as possible, a lot of time has been spent investigating hardening options. This is because the coffee grounds alone cannot withstand repeated exposure to liquids and heat. The final coffee cups are composed of coffee grounds, biopolymers, starch, cellulose, wood, natural resins, waxes and oils. This innovative material is based on renewable materials and is free from binders based on raw oil.


Coffee grounds

Kaffeeform collects the coffee grounds daily from cafés and caterers in Berlin. The production is carried out in collaboration with a social organization, which also helps with the drying process and logistics of the coffee cups. The social organization team has now become part of the Kaffeeform team. Check out where you can buy the cups or drink coffee from it!  

Website: Kaffeeform

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