The Modbar: coffee machine with ‘taps’


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Without eye contact no hospitality. But in most coffee shops and restaurants they use those great baristas machines where the barista barely has the opportunity to stay in contact with the guest. To change this two Americans introduced the Modbar, one of the most advanced coffee systems in the world. With success because next to a lot of coffee shops in the USA and the UK we spotted the Modbar also in the Netherlands. First at coffee bar deli Roekoekoe, FG Restaurant in Rotterdam recently was the first restaurant with the Modbar.

The Modbar

At first glance you wouldn’t say it’s a coffee machine, if you take a quick look you might think that the Modbar is a beer tap. Yet it’s coffee and no beer pouring from these beautiful taps. It is one of the most advanced coffee systems in the world where the tech takes place entirely under the hood. The guest only sees the chrome taps. So do the barista’s, you can’t escape eye contact!

Would you like to taste the coffee from the Modbar? If you are in The Netherlands just pop in at FG restaurant in Rotterdam or at coffee bar Roekoekoe. But if you’re not visiting our country: check the website of Modbar to find a location near you. Espresso Service West BV is the Dutch importer of Modbar.

Website: Modbar

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