Matte black latte | The blackest coffee, Wasabi coffee and Egg Cappuccino are sold at Round K in New York


Another very ‘Instagrammable’ product: Matte black latte! Round K Coffee Roasters has been roasting coffee beans from around the globe since 2015. Owner OCKHYEON BYEON developed the wholesale system with their signature blends that are crafted to create holistic and immersive cultural experiences, like the ‘Matte black latte’, ‘the Wasabi latte’ and an ‘Egg Cappuccino’. Their  philosophy is incorporating space, atmosphere, mood, and flavor into the making of coffee. Each coffee bean is different and so is the roasting process. The café is reminiscent of Dah-Bahn (Korean coffee shops) and is inspired by the stories of older generations of South Korea. The design is a bit kitchy, with a mixed culture and a main actor, the barista. Round K café is located in Lower East-Side, on Allen Street in New York City.

Matte Black latte

The blackest coffee around! Made with Dutch cacao, Hell roast espresso, coconut cream, almond milk and coconut ash. The ashes are the ingredient to blacken this coffee and it whitens your teeth (we heard!).

Wasabi Latte

According to all the enthusiasts, the Wasabi Latte sold at Round K café is ‘freaking delicious’. It seems that wasabi is a wonderful addition to a traditional latte, it must add some sweetness and nutty aftertaste. Ingredients: a neon green simple syrup to which he adds the wasabi green paste. He mixes that with whole or soy milk (the latter is suggested), vanilla, and sugar. He froths the mixture, then pours it over a shot of espresso.

Egg Cappuccino

We have been writing about the egg coffee from Hanoi House in New York city. It seems that Vietnam locals are drinking egg coffee for decades, the texture of the egg yolk is perfect to make a great creamy foam layer. At Round K café they’re making their own version with cream, egg yolk, and espresso. I have tried to make this one at home and although I didn’t know that the espresso should be exactly 140 degrees Fahrenheit before you drop in the egg yolk, it tasted creamy! Dropping the egg yolk this way will perfectly cook the egg yolk and make the cappuccino creamy and decadent.

Website: Round K Coffee Roasters

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