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Coffee Pixels is a food-tech startup from Riga, Latvia. They’re reinventing the coffee experience by turning specialty coffee into a mobile, ready to eat coffee bar with superfood qualities. Coffee Pixels uses the entire coffee cherry – the coffee bean and the antioxidant-rich fruit, which is combined with good fats (cocoa butter) to better absorb the antioxidants, as well as deliver a slower caffeine release, leading to a more sustainable energy boost.

Edible coffee bars | Coffee Pixels

The team behind Coffee Pixels has background in the specialty coffee industry, which puts them in a unique position to create a high-quality coffee product. The knowledge of producers, raw materials and coffee origins makes them particularly agile and flexible in both production and environmental hurdles. Currently, there are two products on the market. Coffee Pixels Cascara, the original flavor without anything added, and the Milk edition, which is reminiscent of coffee with milk. The classic Coffee Pixel is the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee, while the Milk edition is the equivalent of one. Since the bar is solid and ready to eat, you can take it with you wherever you go (think hiking, airplanes, camping).

Sustainable and some more advantages

As the entire coffee cherry is used to produce Coffee Pixels, this leads to the first wasteless coffee product on the market. They use the whole coffee cherry to produce the coffee bar, thereby eliminating food waste while simultaneously drastically improving the nutritional value, thanks to the added antioxidants and fiber in the whole coffee cherry. For centuries, coffee has been enjoyed in one form – liquid form. For an equally long time, the energy boost provided by caffeine was the only reason people drank coffee. The caffeine from the bars are absorbed more slowly into the body, so no more caffeine crashes like you get from drinking coffee. If you want to taste it, check out their shop locator.

Website: Coffee Pixels

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