Chikko Not Coffee – coffee like we had in the war


Delicious coffee but without caffeine, that’s exactly what Chikko Not Coffee is! They sell two variants of coffee based on chicory and spelt. The caffeine free variant for coffee! Culinary journalist Joël Broekaert (from the Dutch newspapers NRC & Vrij Nederland): “pure chicory has a pleasant, bitter quality, just like coffee. It obviously has accents of mocha and cacao.”

Chikko Not Coffee

During the second world war people drank it as substitute coffee, according to David Klingen, the creator of the Chikko Not Coffee. He thinks that It’s time for a comeback: “There is nothing wrong with a cup of coffee, but people always seem to drink way more coffee than would be preferable. Coffee can give you, subconsciously, the feeling of being out of balance. And Drinking caffeinated drinks by night, is actually quite strange if you think about it.” The caffeine free coffee from this start-up gives you the solution, you get the taste of coffee but not the caffeine.

For sale

The Chikko Not Coffee products are for sale at Marqt, the better coffee and tea shops and via Chikko’s own webshop.

Website: Chikko Not Coffee

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