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We sometimes wonder whether it’s about the food or the picture you can make from it! We were in the process of making a list of highly Instagrammable food when we caught the daily dose of inspiration of Trendwatching this morning. Their inspiration this morning: The Tasty One Top. A Bluetooth-enabled, multi-function induction cooktop which can pan fry, slow cook and sous-vide, which will be on the market as from November. Created by Buzzfeed’s Tasty (online content) in partnership with co-creation community ‘startup’ First Build, supported by GE. Check out the video above which will show you how in the near future every consumer can create a perfect ‘Instagrammable’ meal with the Tasty One Top. We haven’t seen a better indication of the importance of Instagram and social media like Facebook.

But back to the list we have made of foods highly ‘Instagrammable’! If you like to read the whole article, click the title. Enjoy reading!

 XOmarshmallow | Marshmallow café full of sweets

XOmarshmallow is actually a café/shop in one. Marshmallows are sold in the most weirdest flavors, think about champagne, matcha, and bourbon marshmallows. You can buy the marshmallows as a gift, but also for yourself and there are even mugs and t-shirts for sale. The café is decorated over-the-top: a lot of pink, bright lights and neon letters. A place to make the most beautiful Instagram shots.

Dancing squid on your plate | What the f*ck?

Although this dish is a Japanese delicacy, we suspect that a lot of people from outside Japan would love to make a video from this dish, but would at least have some hesitation eating it. The dish is composed with a portion of rice, vegetables and squid on it (the squid is cleaned and beheaded). The magic trick: if you pour soy sauce over the squid it will start to dance and it seems like it comes back to life.

Jellyfish chips

In Asia they do eat jellyfish and their drying process takes 30 to 40 days, which involves using salt and alum to extract the water. The Danish scientist Mie Thorborg Pedersen came up with an idea to do this more quickly. He doesn’t use salt and alum but uses alcohol instead. He soaks the jellyfish in alcohol and which ultimately evaporates. After evaporating the alcohol, nothing but a thin, crispy slice of jellyfish chips remains. Well wouldn’t you love to try it? We have a bit of reservations with this one, but of course if the opportunity we would take a picture eating it.

Milk ‘N Chips | At 375° they serve soft serve ice cream with salty chips

We have been spotting a lot of spectacular ice creams this summer but this is the superlative Milk ‘N Chips. Soft serve vanilla ice cream with honey glazed chips, a sweet and salty treat! Which Dutch snack bar is going to serve an ice cream like this which is served at 375° Fries in New York City?

Gracy’s Sweet House | The Instagrammable Bubble Waffle

Opened this summer in Rotterdam, Gracy’s Sweet House. As the name already suggests it’s all about sweet treats, this address won’t disappoint you. At Gracy’s you can grab a bubble waffle filled with ice, fruit or sweet toppings. Already popular in the USA and Asia. Calorie friendly? Not really! Instagrammable? Highly! Tasteful? Check out yourself.

Polly’s Pies shakes | Drink your piece of pie

We have to admit that we really doubted if we would write about this ‘trend’ of putting a piece of pie in a shake! But then again, we also sell ice cream with apple pie flavour in the Netherlands! So here it is, spotted in a video of Eater: Polly’s Pie shakes, where you can drink your piece of pie. They combine it with 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. In the meantime we tasted it at the office: very, very sweet but some of us really liked it!

Lekkernijs | Molecular ice cream for adults

Sweet soft sorbet & cocktail sorbets made with liquid oxygen, highly Instagrammable, and tasty! We have spotted more and more ice cream parlors that make their ice cream with liquid oxygen all over the world. Most recently the catering company Lekkernijs, that had a pop-up at the food court Hofhouse in The Hague, The Netherlands.

DIY soft serve ice cream by CoolMess or Freakshakes

CoolMess is a modern ice cream parlour, located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. They allow their guests to make DIY soft serve ice cream at their tables. A favourite parlour for kids, teens and adults that love a DIY messy ice cream with a lot of toppings. It made us think about the weird looking Freakshakes, we wrote about those in February and it are milkshakes that have every ingredient you love in it.

The Milk Train Café | Soft-serve ice cream in a cloud of cotton floss

The Milk Train Café in London is serving particular ice cream in a particular way! The café serves soft-serve ice cream in a cloud of cotton floss. The flavors of the soft ice cream are special: Asian flavors, London style! The café opened late July 2016 and is extremely popular and especially on Instagram.

Torisashi | Chicken Sashimi

Our warning, ‘don’t try this dish at home’! There are several videos on YouTube about making chicken sashimi, this is being made in Japan with a special breed of chickens. But we will not try this dish in the Netherlands, here you have to cook your chicken well before eating it in connection with the chance of salmonella. That’s why we have not written about it before but wouldn’t you take a picture if you ate it in Japan?

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