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CoolMess is a modern ice cream parlour, located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. They allow their guests to make DIY soft serve ice cream at their tables. A favourite parlour for kids, teens and adults that love a DIY messy ice cream with a lot of toppings. If you’re one of them you have another place to visit in NYC this summer!

DIY soft serve ice cream

At CoolMess you create your own flavour or as they call them ‘messipes’. You’ll choose a basic flavour (according their website vanilla and chocolate, although we read at their Facebook that they also have a strawberry dairy-free ice cream) and choose your toppings. Put it in the ice cream maker (the kind fitted with a frozen canister) at your table and 8 minutes later you have churned your own soft serve ice cream! Some of the toppings listed on their website: cookie dough, graham crackers, snickers, brownie bites, Oreo cookie crumbs, mini gummy bears, fresh fruit, sauces and nuts.

At CoolMess you can eat

CoolMess located at Manhattan at 137 East, 62nd Street, is an exciting new concept where you can eat burgers, salads, sandwiches, fries, grilled cheese, hot dogs and mac & cheese. Sounds like a real American dinner concept to us! But the main focus is on the DIY soft serve ice cream! You can also buy hard ice cream scoops in cones with a large choice of flavours from Il Laboratorio del Gelato, milkshakes, single sundays (like ‘The Mess’: brownie, peanut butter ice cream, hot fudge, mini peanut butter cups, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles) and shared sundays (like the ‘Unselfie Selfie: the Sunday that you share).

About CoolMess

CoolMess is created by the next generation of the Burger Heaven family. Burger Heaven has been serving New York food for 70 years already. CoolMess is an idea of Marguerite Loucas and Margot Cypres whose family owns the Burger Heaven chain.


We created a bucket list of ice cream parlours last May and we will definitely put CoolMess on it as well. And if you own an ice cream parlour you might consider checking out the concept as well. It sounds quite simple and funny for kids parties!

Website: CoolMess

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