Ice cream parlors to put on your bucket list


  • Bon Appetit - De ijssalon van Breda
  • IJssalon Rocambolesc - IJs op sterrenniveau
  • Churned Creamery - IJs met een Franse twist
  • IJsmanschap - De eerste Popsicle Bar in Nederland
  • The Milk Train Café - Softijs in een wolk van suikerspin
  • FYIO - Ice-cream with a license to chill...
  • TAIYAKI NYC - IJs op z'n Japans
  • Chin Chin Lab - Ijs gemaakt met vloeibare stikstof
  • Veganista - Vegan ijs
  • Ijssalon Giapo


As the summer is about to arrive soon, we thought it would be fun to have a look at global ‘crazy’ ice cream parlors to put on your bucket list.

Bon Appetit | “Breda’s ice cream parlor”

The eye catcher of the shop is the big showcase with 48 different colorful ice creams. The ice cream laboratory is located on the back of the shop, this is a big room made of glass where the ice is being made. Guests are able to see how the ice cream is made. Guests can also enjoy the smell of freshly made ice cream. The stock cells are placed behind the ice cream laboratory. Next to the 48 different ice cream flavors, healthy salads, fresh smoothies, delicious pastries, 18 different tosti’s, coffee and freshly baked bread are served.

Ice cream parlor Rocambolesc | Ice cream with a ‘star’

Jordi Roca, one of the three brothers behind top restaurant El Celler de Can Roca *** is the owner of the ice cream parlor ‘Rocambolesc’ in the center of Girona. In the ice cream parlor they prepare freshly made ice cream with the recipe and ingredients of top restaurant El Celler de Can Roca. The ice creams are available in six different flavors, in cones or tubs, that can be combined with up to 34 funny toppings. They offer desserts with ice creams in a special take-away kit so you can prepare it at home. They create new products throughout the year. Such as hot ice cream filled buns or ice-cream muffins. The design of the ice cream parlor is inspired by the magical world of Willy Wonka. The ice cream parlor has a funny and playful look and everything is worked out to the smallest detail.

Churned Creamery | Ice cream with a French twist

Anna Blackman, CEO and founder of Churned Creamery has decided to bring back well-crafted, premium quality, traditional ice cream to the market. She opened her first Churned Creamery at Tustin, a city near Los Angeles. At Churned Creamery she works with the BGItaly gelatoMachine to show the freshness and craftsmanship of her ice cream. Anna strongly believes in the 3 elements that are crucial for creating great tasting ice cream being: the best ingredients; the best chef and the best equipment.

Ice cream craftmanship | First Popsicle Bar in the Netherlands

You can go here for some artisanal handmade ice cream, without any weird additions. The popsicles can be customised with chocolate topping and praline of fresh roasted almonds or hazelnuts. Because the ice cream is handmade, entrepreneur Martijn Doets can fully use his imagination. “Not all ice creams are that exotic though! But I do try to be ahead with my flavours and love to try out new things.”

Martijn was inspired by this United States concept. With ‘IJsmanschap’ he wants to bring the current ice cream culture to a higher level. To learn the tricks of the trade he gained experience about ice cream making in Italy, he did this at the famous Gelato University.

The Milk Train Café | Softijs in een wolk van suikerspin

The Milk Train Café in London is serves ice cream in a special way! The Café serves soft-serve ice cream in a cloud of cotton floss. ‘Asian flavours, London style!’ Open your Instagram and search for #milktrain or visit the Instagram of The Milk Train Café, you instantly know why the folks are lining up to buy one! It simply looks just great! After you have made your choice at The Milk Train Café, they start with making the cotton floss (candy). This is placed in an ice-cream cone and then the soft serve ice cream is added, in one of the three flavours. The choice: vanilla, hojicha (roasted green tea) or matcha (green tea). In order to complete the soft-serve ice cream and cotton floss you can top it off with either popcorn, crumbled Oreos or chocolate sauce.

FYIO | Ice-cream with a license to chill…

For Your Ice Only is a new ice concept. Not just ordinary ice but a new ice sensation! This is fresh, hand-made ice prepared on a so-called anti-grill (an ice plate which freezes till -32 degrees Celcius. The so-called rolled ice cream! In Dutch province Zeeland, near beach club Bluv in Westkappelle, people can enjoy rolled ice cream now at For Your Ice Only! Advantages: you decide the size, ingredients, taste and toppings all by yourself!

TAIYAKI NYC | Typical Japanese ice cream

The literal translation of TAIYAKI is fried fish. TAI (sea bream) is a type of fish often considered king among fish in Japan and YAKI means fried. In Japan it’s customary to hang a picture of tai at the entrance to a house or shrine as gesture of luck. Tai-shaped pastries are often given as thank-you gifts to guests at wedding parties. The fish-shaped cones are kind of waffles which are made fresh on-site and served with soft serve ice cream. The soft serve comes in the flavours: vanilla, strawberry, matcha, red bean filling, mocha, chocolate and more. You can also create your own filling with for example Graham cracker crumble! The ice cream is churned in small batches to reserve the true taste of a soft serve.

Chin Chin Labs | Liquid nitro ice cream

Chin Chin Labs in London is an ice cream parlor where nitrogen is used to make ice cream. When you pass by, the liquid nitrogen-generated steam in combination with the rest of the interior make it look like a small laboratory. The ice cream is ready within a few minutes and flavors vary weekly, so you won’t get bored here. Besides the interior and the experience, there’re more reasons to visit Chin Chin Labs. The ice cream is soft, has a smooth texture and tastes delicious. The flavors aren’t the regular flavors you see at every ice cream parlor: avocado, toffee, cream cheese, piña colada and many different types of chocolate ice cream.

Veganista | Vegan ice cream

Ice cream parlor Veganista was founded in 2013 in Vienna, Austria by the two young vegan entrepreneurs and sisters Cecilia Havmoeller and Susanna Paller. The company is producing and selling vegan ice cream of the highest quality and is dedicated to sustainability and using local produce whenever possible. The ice cream is handmade in small batches every day without any artificial ingredients, pastes, preservatives or additives. Even the ice cream base is hand made. The production line has never seen any dairy, egg, honey or other animal products pass through it, making it suitable for vegans as well as individuals with lactose intolerance, milk or egg allergies.

Ice cream parlor Giapo

Ice Cream wizard Gianpaolo (Giapo) Grazioli and his wife Annarosa from ice cream parlor Giapo in New Zealand are creators of truly innovative and delicious ice cream. With their store they would like to expand the worldwide definition of ice cream. In their ice cream parlor they serve for instance the Selfie Cone. A cone where you can make selfies with your ice cream. They also have a cone that is inspired by an huge Colossal Squid that was caught in 2007 in the Antarctic Waters. The body and the tentacles of the squid are made out of chocolate.

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