‘IJsmanschap’ is the first Popsicle Bar in the Netherlands


Recently the first Popsicle Bar of the Netherlands was opened in Amsterdam, called ‘IJsmanschap’. Besides artisanal popsicles you can also get good quality coffee.


Last weekend we saw the sun peeking through now and then, but it seems like the spring will really start upcoming weekend. Temperatures can get up to 18 degrees Celsius. It surely will be crowded at ‘IJsmanschap’ that recently opened in Amsterdam. You can go here for some artisanal handmade ice cream, without any weird additions. The popsicles can be customised with chocolate topping and praline of fresh roasted almonds or hazelnuts. Because the ice cream is handmade, entrepreneur Martijn Doets can fully use his imagination. “Not all ice creams are that exotic though! But I do try to be ahead with my flavours and love to try out new things.”

Martijn was inspired by this United States concept. With ‘IJsmanschap’ he wants to bring the current ice cream culture to a higher level. To learn the tricks of the trade he gained experience about ice cream making in Italy, he did this at the famous Gelato University. A remarkable step, because not that long ago Martijn was working as a retirement consultant. ”Eventually I decided to face my fears and open this Popsicle Bar. I am convinced that you should do something you are passionate about. In my case that’s entrepreneurship and cooking. The idea of ‘IJsmanschap’ was born”, says Martijn Doets.

Lot Sixty One Roasters

Besides artisanal popsicles you can also drink a cup of good quality coffee. ‘IJsmanschap’ collaborates with Lot Sixty One Roasters, a coffee bar and distillery that can be found in Amsterdam-West. Owners Adam and Paul buy their coffee beans directly from the farmers. The farmers get a better and fairer reward like this, compared with the fair trade model.

Website: IJsmanschap

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