TAIYAKI NYC, serves Japanese ice cream


TAIYAKI, a Japanese ice cream shop opened this month in New York City at Baxter Street. Long lines outside the shop to try this Japanese ice cream served in the fish-shaped waffles.

What is TAIYAKI?

The literal translation of TAIYAKI is fried fish. TAI (sea bream) is a type of fish often considered king among fish in Japan and YAKI means fried. In Japan it’s customary to hang a picture of tai at the entrance to a house or shrine as gesture of luck. Tai-shaped pastries are often given as thank-you gifts to guests at wedding parties. The fish-shaped cones are kind of waffles which are made fresh on-site and served with soft serve ice cream. The soft serve comes in the flavours: vanilla, strawberry, matcha, red bean filling, mocha, chocolate and more. You can also create your own filling with for example Graham cracker crumble! The ice cream is churned in small batches to reserve the true taste of a soft serve. TAIYAKI is started by a group of first/second-generation Asian Americans living in New York. We wish the team of TAIYAKI NYC lots of luck and when we visit NYC we will most certainly wait in line for our freshly made TAIYAKI.

Website: Taiyaki New York City

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