FYIO – Ice cream with a license to chill


For Your Ice Only is a new ice concept. Not just ordinary ice but a new ice sensation! This is fresh, hand-made ice prepared on a so-called anti-grill (an ice plate which freezes till -32 degrees Celcius. The so-called rolled ice cream!

Ice cream with a license to chill..

Last month we asked ourselves when this new concept of ice making on teppanyaki would come to the Netherlands. The answer came quick because in Zeeland, near Strandpaviljoen Bluv in Westkappelle, people can enjoy rolled ice cream now at For Your Ice Only! Advantages: you decide the size, ingredients, taste and toppings all by yourself!

The entrepreneurs, Jeffrey Metz and Christian van Overveld, came up with this idea on social media. During their final year at their school they managed to turn this idea into their own business: For Your Ice Only. The idea came originally from Asia, Jeffrey and Christian added their own basis mix of flavours and developed the concept even more. According to the two guys the reactions are very positive. People love the taste and the experience that comes with it.

FYIO & Catering

Because of the fact that they work with a movable anti-grill it’s possible to book this unique concept on parties and events. A nice dessert with a fantastic name!

Do you want to know more about rolled ice? Read our articles about the iceRoll Boutique in Paris and Sweet Charlie’s in Philadelphia.

Website: For Your Ice Only

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