Eating an ice cream roll in Paris this summer?


If you’re going to Paris this summer, you will able to eat an ice cream roll on Rue de Turenne. IceRoll boutique just opened a store in Paris, where they sell freshly made ice cream rolls with a touch of show! The ice cream is made on a Teppanyaki and is originally from Asia, and now starts to be popular in America and thus in Europe as well. It’s about time we get a store in the Netherlands!

The ice cream roll is getting more and more popular

In April we already wrote about the long queues in front of the ice cream parlour Sweet Charlie’s in Philadelphia where they sell ice cream rolls. At 10Below Ice Cream in New York, the ice creams were already a huge success in 2015. The ice cream is made on an Ice Teppanyaki (a plate of -30 Celsius) with fresh ingredients like milk and fruit purée. The ice maker mixes the ingredients and flattens it which causes it to get frozen after which the ice cream roll is created. It’s also possible to choose different toppings!


The concept is from Asia (we saw ice cream parlours like this in Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur). You can also combine the Ice Teppanyaki with the gelato machine, another way to make fresh ice cream in front of the costumer. There are different ways to create ice cream on the Teppanyaki, but we happen to like the roll very much! The question remains, when are we getting a concept such as this in the Netherlands? Or is it already there, and did we miss it?

Website: IceRoll

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