Chin Chin Labs | Liquid nitro ice cream


Chin Chin Labs in London is an ice cream parlor where nitrogen is used to make ice cream. When you pass by, the liquid nitrogen-generated steam in combination with the rest of the interior make it look like a small laboratory. The ice cream is ready within a few minutes and flavors vary weekly, so you won’t get bored here.

Chin Chin Labs

When you visit Camden Town in London and walk past Chin Chin Labs, you know the place is called Chin Chin Labs for a reason. Even though you know it’s an ice cream parlor, you would also recognize it as a laboratory if someone told you so. Thermometers, storage tanks, beakers and bulbs, not for decoration purposes but to make their famous liquid nitrogen ice cream. The ice cream is poured into the cream base and churned with a mixer emanating white fumes. Faster than you can ever imagine you can enjoy your smooth textured ice cream.

Besides the interior and the experience, there’re more reasons to visit Chin Chin Labs. The ice cream is soft, has a smooth texture and tastes delicious. The flavors are not the regular flavors you see at every ice cream parlor: avocado, toffee, cream cheese, piña colada and many different types of chocolate ice cream. In addition to the fixed flavors, the menu changes weekly

Cooking with nitro

Chin Chin Labs isn’t the first using nitrogen as preparation method. At the beginning of this century, many restaurants experimented with molecular cooking. A good example is FG Food Labs (1 michelin star), which is the only one in Dutch gastronomy with its own taste laboratory, and where they still cook in a molecular way.

Website: Chin Chin Labs

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