Gracy’s Sweet House | Bubble Waffle


Recently opened in Rotterdam, Gracy’s Sweet House. As the name already suggests it’s all about sweet treats, this address won’t disappoint you. At Gracy’s you can grab a bubble waffle filled with ice, fruit or sweet toppings. Calorie friendly? Not really? Tasteful? Definitely.

Gracy’s Sweet House

In The Netherlands we aren’t familiar yet with the bubble waffles who originate from Asia. To make the waffle a success here, the ingredients were slightly changed to make it more suitable for the Dutch taste. At first sight the waffle looks like Dutch “poffertjes” hanging to each other, after you take a bite you will experience the taste of waffle. The waffles are fun due to the toppings and ingredients, you can experiment with it. This can also be done at Gracy’s Sweet House. You can choose between several types of ice cream, fruits, toppings and other sweet treats. Be creative and choose your own combination or a recipe from the menu.


Gracy’s Sweet House is situated at the Mauritsstraat in Rotterdam, across the hamburger restaurant Gracy’s 010. The Sweet House is open from Wednesday till Saturday. The opening hours are from 14:00 o’clock during the week and from 12:00 o’clock during the weekend.

Bron: De Buik van Rotterdam

Website: Gracy's Sweet House

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