Milk ‘N Chips | At 375° they serve soft serve ice cream with salty chips


Yes they do at 375° Fries in New York City! We have been spotting a lot of spectacular ice creams this summer but this is the superlative Milk ‘N Chips. Soft serve vanilla ice cream with honey glazed chips, a sweet and salty treat! Which Dutch snack bar is going to serve an ice cream like this?

Milk ‘N Chips

Officially this ice cream is created with chips glazed in honey which is put in a small plastic bowl, the chips will be topped with the soft serve vanilla ice cream drizzled with honey, apple crumble and more glazed chips. This is a creation of 375° Fries at 124 Ludlow NYC at the Lower East Side. Check out the video of the process from the Refinery29 we spotted at the Facebookpage Spoon University. It isn’t a new idea combining chips and ice cream, in 2014 we visited the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory and after the tour we tasted their version of this sweet and salty treat: Late Night Snack. And we kind of liked it! Although in the meantime this taste has found its way in the ice cream flavour graveyard.

About 375° Thriced Cooked Fries

At 375° they make high quality French fries that are actually cooked three times. Their  ‘Thrice Cooked Fries’ make sure that these goodies remain consistently crispy. They use 100% fresh cut premium Idaho potatoes, high quality oil, and French sea salt. Their goal? Giving 375° the reputation of having the best French Fries in NYC. They offer a lot of spectacular sauces with their fries like amongst others Wasabi mayo, white truffle mayo, green pineapple curry, Korean ketchup and Thai nut. They also serve meals with their fries, like their Swedish Poutine (with meatballs and gravy), Okonomiyaki kewpie (with Bonito flakes) and Kimchi.

Website: 375° Thrice Cooked Fries

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