Dancing squid on your plate | What the f*ck?


The last week we came across a number of Instagram and Facebook posts of a dancing squid on a plate. The dish is a traditional recipe, ‘Odori Don’ and it’s actually an extremely popular dish from Hakodate, a restaurant in Hokkaido, Japan. It seems to be a memorable culinary adventure and it’s definitely a ‘hit’ on internet. How do you make a cleaned and beheaded squid dance? It sounds like  the ‘headless chicken that runs away’-story.

Dancing squid as an ingredient on your plate

The dish is a Japanese delicacy, a portion of rice with vegetables and squid on it (the squid is cleaned and beheaded). The magic trick: if you pour soy sauce over the squid it will start to dance and it seems like it comes back to life. This has to do with the sodium in that sauce, that activates the neurons which makes the muscles of the animal contract. View the YouTube video of Discovery from 2011 to see how this scientifically works.

Bron: Foodbeast

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