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‘The Social Shot’ is a mobile bar-tending-robot that computes personality-profiles based on datasets acquired through Facebook to mix individualized drinks. Each of the ingredients represents one value in the ‘Big Five’, a popular factor model in personality psychology which reduces a humans personality to five fundamental traits. The Social Shot has an exact volume of 2cl. lees verder

Plopr | The opener with a ‘pop’ sound


Don’t you love that ‘popping’ sound when a bottle of beer or a bottle of champagne gets uncorked? With the Plopr, you will hear this ‘plop’ every time. The Plopr can be used for every bottle with a crown cap. The project is on Kickstarter as from this week to crowdfund money to produce the first copies. lees verder

Meltdown | Chain of eSports bars


In 2012 the first location of Meltdown opened in Paris. Four years later, the number of Meltdown bars raised to 28 in seven different countries. As fast as the world of eSports grows, the Meltown chain seems to grow as well. The bars are a gathering place for gamers and fans who like to play or watch games together. lees verder

Café X | The first robotic café in the United States


Located in downtown San Francisco’s Metreon shopping center, Café X Technologies has launched its first robotic café in January. Working closely with local coffee roaster partners, Cafe X can consistently serve its customers in seconds with a focus on delivering beverages that taste exactly how the coffee roaster intended. The first location is a highly trafficked dense area which will be the blueprint for future Cafe X locations. lees verder

Café de Hazeburg Ermelo | 1750 beers on the menu


  • Café de HazebrugCafé de Hazebrug

With around 1750 beers on the beer list, specialty beer pub Café de Hazeburg in Ermelo (city in the East of the Netherlands) must be one of the biggest beer hall in the Netherlands. All these beers can be ordered cold because of the special beer tunnel that connects the pub with the specialty beer shop. The pub uses tablets and an online menu instead of a paper menu because of the wide and regular changing assortment. lees verder | Website for lost & found


A centralized and standard platform for lost and found gear. In the Netherlands the crowdfund was backed with €238.000,= last year and are rapidly expanding their iLost network. lees verder

KFC China | Ordering food with help of facial recognition tech


One of the Chinese KFC’s in Beijing uses facial recognition tech in order to help customers choose their meal by mood, age or gender. The device is created by search engine company Baidu. We wonder what it would recommend us! lees verder

Best read articles in 2016


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At the end of 2016 we are not going to publish the ´Trends we spotted this week´. Instead of that we have collected the best read articles of last year. The top five articles are published below. We hope you will get inspired in 2017 just as you were in 2016 by our trends.

If you like to read the whole article, click the title. Enjoy reading! lees verder

Pay @ Pump | Barclaycard launches “world’s first” contactless beer pump


  • Pay & Pump

The first of its kind, the self-pouring beer pump allows drinkers to pour their own pint of ale and pay with a touch of their contactless card or device in just 60 seconds. Pay @ Pump has been designed to help pubs and bars speed up service in response to a quarter of Brits saying that queuing for drinks is the worst part of a night out. Average waiting time at the bar during the festive party season is 12 minutes per order. Pay @ Pump is designed to help reduce queuing time especially during busy period like Christmas. lees verder

Pullparrot | Wine opener for lefthanded people


  • Pullparrot
  • Pullparrot

On average one out of ten people in the world are lefthanded. According to a Dutch article ‘Wetenschap in Beeld’ a cork screw is one of the worst obstacles for lefthanded people. In order to solve this problem Pulltex, producer of cork screws, developed a special version of the corkscrew for lefthanded people with another direction of rotation. De ‘Pullparrot’ has a double lever and an extra-long spiral. lees verder

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