Virtual influencer as brand ambassador for Postillion Hotels


  • Erik-Jan Ginjaar, algemeen directeur Postillion Hotels & Esther Olofsson

Early 2021, Postillion Hotels will be the first Dutch hotel chain to enter into a long-term partnership with Esther Olofsson, the first virtual influencer in the Netherlands. This starts at the occasion of the opening of their new hotel in the World Trade Center (WTC) Rotterdam. Olofsson is fully computer generated and created by communication agency RauwCC. As a brand ambassador made from bits and bytes, she is prominent at the festive unveiling and opening of the new Postillion hotel and will be available as the most trusted city guide for hotel guests 24/7.

You can follow Esther Olofsson on her Instagram account, in addition, a complete profile of Esther has been compiled. For example: she was ‘born’ in Malmö, Sweden, is 29 years old and has lived in Rotterdam since 2019. Just like a real-life influencer, Esther works with local entrepreneurs and on behalf of brands that match her character and taste!

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Esther Olofsson a virtual influencer of Postillion  

In 2015, Postillion opened already a Convention Center in this national monument in Rotterdam and will be facilitating hotel accommodation here from 2021. 168 former office spaces are being converted into hotel rooms. To inform the hotel guests about everything that the city of Rotterdam has to offer in terms of hotspots and highlights, Postillion will use the digital knowledge of influencer Esther Olofsson.

Esther Olofsson was developed entirely in-house under the leadership of Maarten Reijgersberg, founder of RauwCC. He was inspired by existing virtual influencers, such as Lil ‘Miquele, Noonoouri and Shudu, and created the first Dutch virtual influencer together with his team, based on his drive to pioneer. Esther Olofsson, 29 years old and born in Sweden, consist of bits and bytes but can be visually and physically present at existing locations. Just like any other person, she makes choices based on her origin story. Due to its broad international background, it forms a good match with the internationally oriented city of Rotterdam and Postillion, which increasingly wants to position itself on the international hotel and congress market. In addition, its virtual character ensures continuous accessibility.

Postillion digitize and innovate

Digitization and innovation are high priority at Postillion. For example, all 252 hotel rooms in Postillion Hotel Amsterdam are voice-activated and the have launched their own Artificial Intelligence booking system, ‘Michiel’ back in 2018. ‘’A collaboration with Esther is a logical step for Postillion. It is Hi-tec, progressive and unique, which fits perfectly with the steps we are taking in the field of smart hospitality. Working with a virtual influencer offers many possibilities. Esther is available everywhere at any time and any moment, so she can inform our guests at all times as a digital city guide. We are also proud that this collaboration contributes to the further development of virtual influencers ‘’, Says Erik-Jan Ginjaar, General Manager Postillion Hotels.

About RauwCC

RauwCC is a communication agency in Rotterdam with a focus on social media. Characteristic of the agency: always critical and sometimes stubborn. With a unique team of content creators and managers, the agency develops from concept to strategy, from implementation to publication. RauwCC also takes care of the creation of motion graphics, social videos, infographics or corporate identities for various clients. RauwCC believes in the combination of offline and online communication. With a wide range of creative and support services, RauwCC creates content that works and always in co-creation to achieve the best result together.

About Postillion Hotels

Postillion Hotels is a Dutch hotel chain with branches in Amsterdam, Utrecht Bunnik, Rotterdam, Amersfoort Veluwemeer, Arnhem, Deventer and Dordrecht. The hotel chain focuses primarily on the meeting and conference market. With the Meet Work Stay concept, Postillion Hotels meets all the needs of today’s business traveler. Meet Work Stay is a total concept in which meetings, work and stays form an integrated formula. Innovation and exploration of new opportunities in the market is an important point of attention in the business operations of Postillion Hotels.

Website: Rauwcc and Postillion Hotels

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