The WELYNQ app , the smart green card for an event and hospitality visit


  • De app van WELYNQ ontzorgt bij de controle gesprekken
  • De app van WELYNQ ontzorgt bij de controle gesprekken

Everyone is looking forward to visit events, theatres, a cozy terrace or booking a table in a restaurant. The event and hospitality industry is ready, but also knows that the requirements are strict. Here in the Netherlands everyone has to indicate to be healthy beforehand. Only when you answer all questions about your health positively, you get a virtual green card that allows you to enter either the event, theatre or restaurant. A great step forward, but there are quite a few snags. And what if it turns out that someone with corona was at the location you visited? Then you want to know that, too. WELYNQ has developed an app that solves it all.

How does WELYNQ work?

The WELYNQ app works very simple. Guests or visitors answer questions about their health on a smartphone or tablet, in accordance with the guidelines of the health organisation. Here in the Netherlands guests and visitors have to answer the health questions of the RIVM. Once you have answered all the questions ‘correctly’, you will receive the access decision, a green card with which you can enter either the event, the theatre or a restaurant. The questions are displayed in the WELYNQ app. Visitors scan the QR code on a special poster next to the entrance, they answer the questions in the app and they’ll get the green card on their mobile.

For those who do not have a smartphone (elderly) or cannot scan a QR code, the hospitality branch provides laptops or PC’s at the entrance of the location. On these devices the WELYNQ application is installed that works exactly the same way: visitors answer the questions and if all is well, they’ll get the green card and can go in. When visitors or guests leave, they scan another QR code at the exit after which they are checked out. This allows the event- and hospitality industry to know exactly how many visitors are inside.


Entrepreneurs are not dependent on the acceptance of the app by users. The control tool can be used independently of a user account. Customers who do have the app on their smartphone can also use it for contact research. The user then manages his own data online. It is possible to see where and when events were visited and whether contamination was subsequently reported by other users. They can also register their own infection via the app to warn fellow users.


Ronald van Grunsven of WELYNQ considers it important that no personal data is stored by them. Entering personal contact details is optional. “We only keep anonymous data of the customer, unless we are explicitly asked to inform the customer”, says Van Grunsven. “In principle, we only keep location, date, time and the access decision. They only leave contact details when customers want to be kept informed about possible contamination in the establishment where they have been. But that data is destroyed 30 days after the user uninstalls the app.”

The WELYNQ control call app is offered in a subscription form. WELYNQ does not charge start-up costs and the first month is free. The subscription is already available from € 22.50 per month. The company also offers supporting display and information materials that can be deployed on site. The package consists of a strikingly designed standing table with information poster and a corresponding dispenser for disinfectant liquid.

Website: WELYNQ

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