Rombit’s Romware Covid Radius | Smart bracelet to simplify social distancing on the workfloor


  • Rombit's Romware Covid Radius social distancing bracelet
  • Rombit's Romware Covid Radius social distancing bracelet

In April Technology company Rombit launched a digital bracelet to prevent coronavirus infections on the workfloor. The solution allows employees in construction, logistics and other heavy industries to resume work safely. Port of Antwerp started as the first to use this innovative bracelet. To produce this bracelet Rombit has added new functions to its existing safety bracelet, the Romware ONE. This will help employees to observe the strict precautions laid down by the World Health Organisation (WHO) while respecting the privacy of the wearer. The initiative is also a response to the call by the Flemish Government to create digital solutions for helping society through the current corona crisis.

These kinds of solutions would be great for the hospitality industry as well! Last month we already wrote about Aura Aware a smart distance awareness device, we then indicated that a wearable device would be a great asset for people working in restaurants, kitchens etcetera. It would even be better is the other person you meet doesn’t have to have the same device. The only challenge is to avoid too many signals in a restaurant ? We wonder if there will be affordable devices on the market soon….

Smart bracelet to simplify social distancing

John Baekelmans, CEO Rombit explains: “In order to resume their operations in a safely manner, employers must be able to ensure compliance with the applicable Covid-19 prevention measures and to provide their employees with the right tools to work safely.” The new Covid bracelet is aimed in the first place at physical distancing. Whenever employees come too close to one another they first get a warning signal. However privacy is guaranteed: the Covid Radius never passes on the location or other sensitive information to the employer. At the same time the bracelet permits contact tracing: if someone happens to be infected then a health advisor or trusted confidant can check which work colleagues the person has come in contact with, in order to prevent further infection.

Rombit’s Romware Covid Radius will be available in a limited edition from May 2020.

Check out how the bracelet works on the workfloor:


Website: Rombit’s Romware Covid Radius

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