Aura Aware | Smart distance awareness device for social distancing


  • The Aura Aware, Dutch design for social distancing
  • The Aura Aware, Dutch design for social distancing

The Dutch company Aura Aware created a smart distance awareness device which is a convenient reminder to your employees and customers to maintain healthy distancing. Staying 6 feet apart simply doesn’t come naturally.  The Aura Aware is a smart distance awareness device that helps employees and customers remain a safe and healthy distance in public spaces.

The smart distance awareness device that works

Forget well-intentioned sales ribbons, folded pizza boxes, stickers and transparent plexiglass plates. Our brain is used to a social distance of almost 2 feet. Awareness and behavioural change will not happen overnight. And how can you be sure that you actually keep 6 feet distance? The patented technology of Aura Aware scans the room to detect if anyone is within the 6 feet distance. A red alert warns employees and customers when they have gotten too close. It’s an aesthetic design with wood finished baseplate and it will blend in perfectly with many interior designs. Optional is a sound alert at 36 inches or closer, the sound can be turned off though. The preferred distances can be easily changed on their free mobile app and it’s available in any language.

About Aura Aware and their 6 foot movement

Five seasoned entrepreneurs brought together by a mutual investor decided that unprecedented times require unprecedented solutions. Jointly they went on a mission to make the six feet society a pleasant one. Along the way, more entrepreneurs and investors joined the team to create something amazing. In a few weeks, they will launch their ‘6 foot movement’, an initiative to bring meaningful and profitable work to production facilities and people that need it most.


Website: Aura Aware

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