Hospitality game for Utrecht


Utrecht Tourism has developed an online game for the hospitality industry. Entrepreneurs can train their personnel more easily with this game and track their progress. Utrecht had an average score at the ‘Most Hospitable City’ research last year, with an 11th place from the 21 cities studied. Watch the video by Shapers for an impression.

Contactless payment at NS retail stores


Starting this week, it is possible for the consumer to pay contactless with a Maestro debit card at the NS retail stores in the Netherlands. Tomorrow, NS retail introduces the contactless payments in collaboration with MasterCard in the NS retail stores like ‘Broodzaak’, Smullers, Kiosk and Julia’s. The consumer can pay by holding the mobile phone or the debit card against the payment terminal. For an amount below € 25,= there is no PIN required. This method of payment saves time, particularly at the stations, where consumers are often in a hurry.

Foodini 3D printer for consumer


To provide consumers with the easiness of a 3D printer in the kitchen, the designers of the Foodini 3D printer have started a crowdfunding project via Kickstarter. The printer comes with empty capsules so that you can use your own fresh ingredients. The machine is expected to be ready for mass production in January 2015.

Hotel blends ultra-modern technology with old-fashioned coziness


The ACME hotel in Chicago is the first hotel to offer the possibility to guests to try the Google Glass for free. The Google Glass can be reserved for a couple of hours at the reception or with your booking. You can use it for a walk through Chicago. Besides the Google Glass the hotel offers more devices to their guests as well as an almost old-fashioned breakfast Knock N ‘Drop service from the Weston Town Bakery in the lobby. There is also an old-fashioned football game available for guests… Beautiful combination of modern technology and art and old-fashioned games, door chalkboards and service. Quote from a guest on Tripadvisor: “Came here to try the Google Glass, but realized the hotel had way more than just that. So many quirky little things, from the odd name to the chalkboard on the door”.

Body Dryer replaces towel


A device that blows your guests dry after showering seems to come to the market soon. The Body Dryer by Tyler Overk collected via a crowdfunding campaign more than the required amount to go from concept to production. In September 2014, the first machines will be delivered. It could be a considerable saving in towel and washing cost if the technique functions. The devices, which sit somewhere between a hair dryer and scale, now costs about $ 150, – plus shipping.

The re-introduction of Reverse Delivery


Boston Pizza introduces ‘reverse delivery’ for the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs 16 April. The promotion has a funny wink in it and appears to be merely for free-publicity purposes, watch the video here.

Spacified: the marketplace for pop-up stores


Online platform makes a match between temporary vacant spaces and designers, retailers and startups in Belgium and the Netherlands. The vacancy rate in retail spaces and offices increase and this brought founder Patrice Fleurquin the idea to develop a matchmaking service to bring both parties in contact. doesn’t only support starters, but also stimulates the creativity to set up an office, retail or event location. Recently and Voka ‘Chamber of Commerce Antwerp- Waasland, launched the POP-UP Guide. This guide gives visitors an overview of the newest, hottest pop-up stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. Currently, the guide only focuses on consumers, but can also provide cities and local authorities with information about the pop-up stores on longer-term. started a crowd funding project to extend the POP-UP Guide for five cities outside Belgium and the Netherlands.

Cupcake ATM in NYC


Leonie van Spronsen spotted the first cupcake ATM in New York by Sprinkles. The company already had cupcake ATM’s in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Dallas and grew to a respectable chain of shops since 2012.

Sustainable fish of FISH TALES


  • fish tales

In cooperation with fourteen fishing communities around the world, fish expert Bart van Olphen launches FISH TALES on 25 March. FISH TALES is a unique line of sustainable seafood with fresh fish, smoked fish, canned fish and frozen fish, all with a plain origin. The fishermen are printed on the packaging with their name and photo, with recipes and tips & tricks Bart van Olphen want to motivate consumers to cook with sustainable seafood. Through the social network of FISH TALES and the website fishermen tell their story. In the ‘shortest cooking show in the world‘ (a movie of 15 seconds) Bart van Olphen prepares various fish dishes. He will also introduce his cookbook ‘Cooking with Canned Fish’ with more than 60 recipes in June.

Warm up in the Surf Sauna


The Surf Sauna is specially designed for surfers who want to surf during snow and cold weather. Surfers can acclimatize in the Surf Sauna after their cold plunge. The mobile sauna is available in various sizes from 2 up to 8 persons and is weatherproof. There are special constructions for the surfboard on the outside of the sauna. The Surf Sauna is designed by a group of surfers in Portsmouth. Perhaps wintersporter goers can warm up in the sauna after a day of skiing.

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