Open Meals | Sushi teleportation from Tokyo to Austin


Open Meals is a company from Japan that focuses on digitizing food. They were recently present at the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, to show that it is possible to teleport sushi from A to B. It’s remarkable to see how far the technology is today and the sushi that was eventually made by the robot arm is perfect for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Open Meals | The food version of iTunes

It was the first time Open Meals showed their prototype to the public. Under the name ‘SUSHI TELEPORTATION Tokyo à Austin’ they showed what it takes to get a piece of sushi from Japan, within minutes in America on your plate. First of all, they use a database where data relating to food is collected. This data has to be collected, as meals have to be scanned from top to bottom at all kind of factors like by colour, flavours, ingredients, nutrients, etc. After the database is filled, there is a 3D pixel food printer that can print out the food with this data, at any location. In contact with Open Meals they indicate that the concept goes one step further, they want to create the ‘food version of iTunes’. The teleporting of sushi is the first prototype of the Pixel Food Printer, which injects ‘pixel cubes’ that together form a sushi. The ultimate goal of Open Meals is to build a Food Base (their food database) to share, download and eat it ….

Check their Open Meals concept in this video:


Besides the fact that it is incredibly cool that astronauts in the future can also enjoy fresh sushi, the prototypes that were shown at the conference can also be included in the ‘Instagrammable Food’ category. Right now the food looks like it comes straight from an old-fashioned Mario game. We have to guess whether it tastes good but that does not matter. Instagram has already taught us over the past years that a dish that looks great at the image is worth at least as much.

Website: Open Meals

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