Pay the bill with an app


How often did you get a great service at a restaurant and as only point of irritation had to wait too long for the bill? With the new app ‘Cover’, that will be introduced soon, you can walk out of the restaurant without physically paying the bill. The payment is taken from a credit card stored on the app. Guests do make their reservation through the app and enter the payment information. The ‘Uber’s payment experience at restaurants’ according to Clover. It’s a new way of paying that is in particular useful for restaurants, it saves time and turns tables faster.

Floating vending machine


Enjoying the sun, swimming in the sea and in between drinking an Ice Tea.. That’s possible in Cape Town. At one of the trendiest beaches of Cape Town, Lipton Ice Tea has introduced the first driving vending machine in the world.

Writing with wine


The pens of Casa Mariol are filled with a special ink based on the winery’s best Cabernet Sauvignon instead of ink. These pens are great as a business gift by wine sellers. And if there are Dutch wine sellers who are going to sell these pens inspired by our article.. We would love to have one!

Cocktails by robot Bartendro


  • cocktails

We’ve seen robot bartenders before, but with the robot ‘Bartendro’ (designed by Kickstarter) you can make cocktails quickly and repeatedly. The ‘Bartendro’ can easily make cocktails within ten seconds. The robot machine can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet via WI-fi and with the special administrator screen you can manage dispensers, ingredients and drink recipes. It is also possible to view reports of the drinks made. Watch the video to see how the machine works.

Pizza box with a live performance of a popstar


Domino’s Japan has launched a packaging design for its pizza boxes and a special iPhone App featuring the virtual popstar ‘Hatsune Miku’. The iPhone app comes with a social camera function which allows you to take pictures of yourself and ‘Hatsune Miku’. When your pizza is delivered you can point your phone’s camera toward the box and it will turn into a dancing stage to watch and listen to Miku’s performance.

LED light balloons


  • ballonnen

These balloons are lighted by small LED lights. The LED lights are placed in the opening of the balloon and after that the balloon can be inflated (also with helium). The LED lights have multiple modes and are reusable. These illuminated balloons are great for decoration at a party, event or in a nightclub.

The Bay Lights


Inspired by the Bay Bridge’s 75th Anniversary, artist Leo Villareal created the project ‘The Bay Lights’. ‘The Bay Lights’ is the world’s largest LED light sculpture, that is made of 25,000 white LED lights and is 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high. Each light is individually programmed and shines from dusk until 2:00 a.m for the next two years.

Places I have eaten


  • Plaatsen

OpenTable released a new Facebook App that’s called ‘Places I’ve Eaten’. With this app users can list and rate the restaurants they’ve been to, choose what they will like to visit and see the places that their Facebook friends have listed and rated. With this app users can also search for restaurants based on their rating, places their Facebook friends have visited ore select properties known as kid-friendly and serving vegetarian food. Users can choose to keep their listing private or to make it available on Facebook for others. Earlier the company acquired the FoodSpotting App.

KLM Must See Map, made by friends


KLM Royal Dutch Airline recently launched a global social media campaign, named the KLM Must See Map. Consumers can create a map of their destination and approach friends via Twitter, Facebook and email to get some tips about attractions and interesting activities. When the map is completed, KLM prints the map and sends the city card to the consumer for free. The campaign is made by Code d’Azur and is active in 24 countries.

Inspiration for chefs


Via the twitter account of Kobe Desamaults we saw this beautiful long term movie about the preparation of duck by chef Seiji Yamamoto. Through the online video channel Tokyo Gastronomy by Friendroid, there are several videos to see about gastronomy in Tokyo.

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