Nature swimming pools


In Amsterdam Purewtr/Pro from entrepreneur Stijn Weijns soon starts with the construction of a swimming pool in a “sustainable” hotel. After having built small pools for individuals the last years, the company now wants to expand to project development and designing public swimming pools. In the pools of Purewtr there is not a drop of chlorine or other chemicals. They use plants such as the yellow iris, the schoenoplectus acutus and the small-leaved lily to clean the water. The water quality is high and the pools uses 70% less energy than regular pools.

Ice cubes detect drinking speed


After a alcohol black-out Dhairya Dand from the MIT Media Lab has developed ice cubes that react to the music and drinking speed. The LED ice cubes changes color from green, orange to red if the drinking speed is to high. The chip inside the cubes is even able to send text messages to friends if the drinking continues.

Chefs judge chefs


With the new app Chefs Feed professional chefs judge each others dishes and reviews. The app is free to download at the iTunes store and is currently available in 15 cities in the VS and in London. The app is a complement to apps as Foodspotting and Yelp, which lets guests judge restaurants. Meanwhile there are 600 chefs connected to the app.

Trunk as delivery address


A big annoyance of much online buyers, is to miss your order because you aren’t home. Delivery service Cardrops innovates to use the car of the customer as mailbox, and hopes to have the solution to this annoyance. The Cardrops software tracks the daily parking routine to deliver the order. With this new option, online buyers don’t have to wait at home or at a pick-up point. 

Visit Bruges-website


The Belgium town Bruges created a new website Visit Bruges, to attract more tourists. All the important tourist sites are clickable on the visual interactive website, like the Concert building, the Belfort and all other outdoor activities. The website is also available on the mobile smartphone.

Social Drinking Machine


Order your drinks through twitter of facebook with the Social Drinking Machine. Scan the QR-code, choose and order your favorite drink, show your receive QR-code to the machine and watch how the machine automatically prepares your drink. Watch the movie for an explanation.

Charging station at Stravinsky Eten & Drinken


At Stravinsky Eten & Drinken in Hengelo (the Netherlands) you can reload yourself, but from now your phone as well. This charging station, developed by Mobiel, offers a place for your phone. Very clever and very hospitable!

Indoor Firework Theater


Do you find fireworks dangerous or do you just want to enjoy fireworks all year long? That is possible with the Indoor Firework Theater of Sega Toys.

Wireless charging at Starbucks


In 17 different US Starbucks locations, the coffee chain is trialing tabletop pads. By putting down your phone or mobile device on the table, it gets wireless charged. The pilot ends this end of the year with a probably further rollout in 2013.

Tante (Auntie) Bep


Do you like good food and you like going out or dinner, but you want to enjoy this at home. Tante (Auntie) Bep gives you the solution, named after a great-auntie of one of the two founders Yaron Menneken and Stephan Lems. This home delivery website is available for the residents of Amsterdam and The Hague (Netherlands) where they can order their meals online. People can choose from meals of several restaurants and caterers which normally don’t deliver at home.

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