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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others, Sage – food data made simple and Feastive your next dinner party in the mail.

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Sage: Food data made simple

Sage is a platform that provides information about 20,000 existing fresh and packaged food types (currently mostly organic brands from Whole Foods). Sage deconstructs food data to create customer friendly content and infographics. The aim is to help people understand what food nutritionals actually mean in the context of their health, activity levels, and fitness goals. Article by Springwise.

Catering: Meal delivery start-up sends special prepared party kits.

Your next dinner party in the mail by Feastive. It seems like you can get anything you want by use of delivery services. Feastive is a new food delivery service that makes dinner parties a realistic option for busy New Yorkers. By taking the stress out of planning and prepping of an intricate or exotic meal, Feastive inspires people to host parties more often. Their meals are always easy-to-prepare, exciting and made for sharing. Feastive tries to take the hassle out of the hosting a party.

‘Bed & Beverage’ Hotel for cocktail lovers in Los Angeles

New York’s Death & Co bar owner David Kaplan aims to change the hotel experience with a new hotel made for the cocktail snob. The Los Angeles-based hotel will be more sophisticated than instead of being a party spot. It’s geared toward people in their thirties and older where people can enjoy a night cap or two before heading off to bed. The 10 rooms at the Walker Inn will be kitschy with vintage decorations. With a bar downstairs and a home bar in the rooms with all the fixings. Guests can mix their own drinks within the room with high quality liquor and ingredients. There’s even a recipe book to experiment with new drinks.

London, get your handy fixed in a red phone booth

Mobile handset and tablet repair company Lovefone opens a mobile handset repair shop in the famous red phone boxes in London, a Lovefonebox. The phone boxes will house a workbench, storage for parts and tools and just enough space for one repair person. The booths are leased from the Red Kiosk Company. The booths will also provide free charging docks. Lovefone will open other kinds of fix-it shops in other parts of London. Another great example of reusing the famous phone booths!

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