Augmented Climbing Walls


In January this year we published a white paper of the Indoor Playgrounds in the Netherlands. One of the trends we spotted in this industry is the quickly professionalization. Climbing walls are sometimes part of a bigger family indoor playgrounds and the interactive technology developed at the Aalto University Game Research faculty in Finland would push the professionalism in the sector. 

Augmented Climbing Walls

Augmented Climbing Wall combines projected graphics and proprietary body tracking to create interactive games and training applications. The games and applications make the training fun, motivate kids to move and give feedback to help you become a better climber. Augmented reality climbing is suitable for any skill level and age. Interactive graphics and games maximize the capacity of any wall. Even small walls can have hundreds of distinct routes and games that create new fun challenges for climbers. The highly visual wall is also entertaining to spectators and can be used for displaying logos and ads.

Bron: Springwise

Website: Augmented Climbing

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