First 3D printed building in Europe


The first 3D printed building of Europe will be printed next year at ‘De Slaapfabriek’ in Teuge. The idea is designed during the Dutch Construction Hackathon by Bouwend en Innovatief Nederland. The goal is to create a special meeting venue, one that ‘matters’.

First 3D printed building with zero footprint

During the Dutch Construction Hackathon on May 27 2016, constructors accepted the challenge from De Slaapfabriek: to develop a conference concept in the field of sustainability, clean technologies, design and experience. The result is an iconic building in which future trainers, coaches and management teams can work in an inspiring environment.

Besides that, the building aims to be the first 3D printed building with zero footprint which is fully sustainable. De Slaapfabriek is targeting 40% less CO2 emissions and 75% less waste. The intention is to start building next year July and finish the project in ten days. More information can be found in the video.

Website: De Slaapfabriek

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