Toasteroid: writing on toast


Everybody knows the saying: Have breakfast like a king, lunch as a prince and dine as a beggar. No meal is more important that your breakfast, reason enough to make it as fun as possible. The Toasteroid, a smart, app-controlled toaster will imprint text and images onto bread. We think it might be a great gimmick for hotels at their breakfast buffet!


The Toasteroid works just like any other toaster, you can choose how crispy you want your bread and which kind of bread you would like to toast. The only difference is how the bread comes out of the Toasteroid! For example, you are able to make your own drawing and send it via the app to this toaster and it will appear on your bread!

The Toasteroid would be great at breakfast buffets in hotels. You could choose to put the date on the bread or the weather forecasts. Just that little extra! You could of course also choose for a smiley or good morning wishes.

The project is on Kickstarter and the toaster will be sold for $79,=. With 24 more days to go, they already almost reached their goal.

Website: Toasteroid

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