Just for fun: a cork popping wine gun for your wine tastings


WineOvation’s cork popping wine gun allows you to pop wine bottles open with nothing but a simple push of a button, like most electric wine openers. The difference: it’s shaped like a pistol. It’s fun for your wine-tasting parties.

A cork popping wine gun or a bowling pin as corkscrew

A fun addition: this gun shaped wine opener uncorks your wine with a single pull on the trigger. It’s very simple in use: hold the wine gun vertically over the bottle, push it downwards against the cork and pull the trigger. The battery allows you to open up to 30 bottles between the charges. The stand is made like a gun holster and is a charging base as well. The wine gun comes in 2 colours: steel and pink. Unfortunately, you can’t shoot the cork….

WineOvation also sell bowling pin and MLB Bats corkscrews.

Website: WinOvation

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