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Beer Ripples will make every beer you serve a unique one. The machine makes it possible to print any high-resolution image or design onto your beer. Time to get creative! In 2015, the same company introduced Ripples, a similar machine that does the same trick on cappuccino’s and latte’s.

Beer Ripples

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ripples sooner or later would introduce a beer-version of their machine after the successful launch of Ripples for coffee in 2015. After all, beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world plus the foam offers plenty of options for printing. Beer Ripples can print every image or design on any beer which has a foam head. It’s even possible to send a personal image or message directly to the machine by using a mobile app. Perfect for guests at the bar who want to trick their friends.

The costs of the machine are around $3,000, plus an annual $1,500 subscription, which comes with enough malt-based ink for 6,000 prints. That may sound expensive at first, however, it should be kept in mind that Beer Ripples is a great marketing opportunity as well. Think of all the images and pictures that will be shared on social media. The prints would probably also work on big corporate events, where companies can use Beer Ripples to print branded images and text to generate a massive, real-time buzz both at the event and on social media. Unfortunately, the machine is only available in the USA, Canada and Israel currently. Join their waitinglist to get updates on whether the machine will be available in your country soon.

Website: Beer Ripples

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