Key in a safe Stravinsky city hotel, comfort without any extra’s


Last weekend Horecatrends was invited to try-out the Stravinsky city hotel in Hengelo before the opening. A hotel where you won’t have to ask the staff for your key or breakfast. lees verder

This product creates an extra WOW factor to your cocktails


The Levitating CUP is world’s first zero gravity drinkware that will create an extra ‘WOW’ factor to your cocktails. The gravity defying drinkware will leave your guests in awe. The Levitating Cup is on Kickstarter at this moment. lees verder

Trends we spotted this week – week 29


  • Trends in het kort

At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others about a Hello Kitty pop-up Café, summer drinks and world’s most expensive diner experience.

If you like to read the whole article, click the title. Enjoy reading! lees verder

Code Blond in the Netherlands, beer made of water from heaven!


At brewery the Prael it’s possible to buy beer made of rain water. The bitter blond beer, comparable to an IPA, is brewed in collaboration with the beer brewery Hemelswater (to be translated as water from heaven). A huge success, Code Blond even got attention outside the Netherlands. lees verder

FYIO – Ice cream with a license to chill


For Your Ice Only is a new ice concept. Not just ordinary ice but a new ice sensation! This is fresh, hand-made ice prepared on a so-called anti-grill (an ice plate which freezes till -32 degrees Celcius. The so-called rolled ice cream! lees verder



An initiative from the United States: TraffickCam. This app enables you to help combat sex trafficking by uploading photos of the hotel rooms you stay in when you travel. TraffickCam asks travellers to take photos of their entire room, the bathroom, the bed and details such as carpeting and furniture. The Police Department can use the data to cross-reference against suspicious images taken by sex traffickers. lees verder

At pop-up restaurant Food Ink you can eat 3D printed dishes!


From food to the furniture, everything at pop-up restaurant Food Ink is made with 3D printers. These printers from the Dutch company ByFlow create dishes out of hummus, chocolate mousse, smashed peas, goat cheese or pizza dough – essentially anything that can take the form of a paste. lees verder

No more old coffee beans with Voltaire


The newest coffee grinder is the Voltaire. A portable grinder which can be used both in- as outside your apartment without the beans losing their quality. In fact, the coffee grinder monitors your coffee beans and reorders whenever you need a fresh supply. lees verder

KYTCHO sets a new standard for chef’s knife’s


The KYTCHO Power Blade is a new chef’s knife made from ultra-durable ULTRA NANO Circonia material. The particles of the new material are so small that they help to create the sharpest and most durable knife ever made in mass production. lees verder

The Right Cup will change the way you drink your water forever!


The Right Cup, the cup which secures people to start drinking more water instead of all the sweet and sugary soft drinks. Especially children rather drink a coke or orange than a glass of water. Unhealthy, but tasteful. lees verder

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