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US-based robotics company CleanRobotics recently was named a semifinalist in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition for its product TrashBot. TrashBot is a trash can using sensors, camera’s and Artificial Intelligence to separate trash from recyclables. This is how it works: Garbage is thrown into the bin after which a small door slides over the opening. The garbage is analysed using robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect and separate landfill from recyclables. TrashBot does this more accurately than human beings, capturing high quality waste data and it lets staff know when it’s getting full. Cloud connectivity allows individual units to learn from the global TrashBot fleet, becoming more intelligent over time. TrashBot also has a monitor for corporate communications, education and advertising.

The selection between landfill and recyclables is done way more accurately by TrashBot than by humans. Plus the fact that it lets staff know that the bin is getting full makes TrashBot a perfect solution for convention centers, commercial buildings like malls, stadiums, airports, bus- and train stations. As the pressure to recycle will increase the TrashBot will help these facilities to take out the uncertainty of the recycling done by humans and do it more efficient.

With TrashBot CleanRobotics is targeting big facilities

With the TrashBot, CleanRobotics is targeting big facilities that produce a lot of waste: airports, malls, stadiums, etc. The company is also starting to market TrashBot to office buildings and other businesses that handle large quantities of garbage. The company says its technology separates recyclable vs. landfill items with 90% accuracy, against 30% accuracy which is typical for conventional methods. As trash isn’t cheap and will become more and more expensive in the future, a device like the TrashBot could help facilities to separate trash more efficiently and with the help of the software they can even track the types of materials which are  thrown away and the amount of garbage. This could also give insights for discussions about the materials used at the shops, fast food restaurants etc. at the facility.

This video shows how the TrashBot works:

Website: CleanRobotics

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