JUST meat and JUST egg | Meat created from a chicken feather


JUST meat is another one of those great initiatives to reduce the world’s meat production. JUST meat is able to change a chicken feather into chicken nuggets! As meat could be described as a combination of muscle and fat cells, they use cells from the feather as a tissue sample from which meat can be cultivated. They have announced to introduce the cultured chicken nuggets before the end of 2018.

However this is probably not possible in the U.S. due to the fact that the USDA and FDA are still reluctant in terms of regulations.

JUST meat

JUST is a food technology company with a mission to produce clean meat in order to change the mind-set of people who think it isn’t possible to have healthier, sustainable food which is also affordable and delicious. In order to create JUST meat, they had to find a plant to feed the cells, which are obtained from a single feather, for clean and sustainable meat. These plants are providing the cells nutrients which makes it possible for the cells to grow. Check out the video at their website, it’s an almost 5 minutes video but it explains the process!

JUST egg | egg made from mung beans

In addition to meat, JUST also took the initiative for JUST egg, which is an egg made from mung beans. Mung beans taste and scramble just like a normal egg. It also provides the same proteins a normal egg does. Check out the video above!

The dilemma of cultured meat

A dilemma which will occur in the upcoming years is the image based on the ingredients of products. Companies are forced to be transparent about the ingredients of their products. The consumer demands transparency when it comes to meat, fish and chicken products. Which means, no artificial preservatives, grass-fed animals, free-range chickens, less salt, less sugar and so on. However, if we take a look at the latest developments within the meat industry, as for instance all the ‘vegan burgers’, we see a list of ingredients which are not understandable at all for most consumers. This is the case for cultured meat as well. So, although we think the process of bringing cultured meat to our plates is going fast, we also wonder how consumers are going to react to eating this meat. But for now we all have to wait for the FDA approval!

Bron: Foodbeast

Website: JUST Meat

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