What does the hospitality industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus? | Inspiration June 9


Since the first of June the Dutch restaurants and bars reopened. We already enjoyed the first terraces again and we also went out for dinner. Wonderful to be able to enjoy a restaurant visit again! But we’ve experienced first-hand that there is no rush to enjoy dinner or lunch, not even on the terraces. Let’s hope that everyone regains a little bit more confidence after the first effects of the relaxation of the corona measures become known. For the time being, it looks like the Dutch intelligent lockdown has worked so now we need more sun and better temperatures to enjoy our great terraces! We hope that you will be able to reopen or enjoy dinner or lunch in your country as well. We have come across some great articles as inspiration on what’s going on in the hospitality industry.

With this week links to articles about DIY ‘Social distancing crowns’ by Burger King in Germany and the trendiest suntan trend 2020 we spotted on the Instagram account of hotel Dexamenes in Greece! Both funny!

Another funny article is about a Covid-19 masks for dining out with a remote control mouth! And inspiration for other hotels; a nice gesture ‘Together again’ by Oaks Hotels, Resorts and Suites in Australia.

In the south of the Netherlands, in the city Maastricht, Dadawan restaurant reopened with robots as extra staff and check out the Smink mobile with which restaurant Smink delivers their @home menu. And created in Japan: the Norimaki Synthesizer, which allows us to taste video games!

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

A Covid-19 face mask for dining out | With a remote control mouth

Israeli inventors have developed a coronavirus mask with a remote control mouth that lets diners eat food without taking it off, a device they say could make a visit to a restaurant less risky. More information and images in the article at Reuters.

The trendiest suntan trend 2020

At hotel Dexamenes they can’t wait to take their masks of ?! Check out the link in the title, to see why it made us smile!

Together again!

Oaks Hotels, Resorts & Suites has asked Australians to share what they miss most while practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the three most inspiring stories selected to receive a reunion prize worth $2,000 AUD each, to share with their loved ones once the Federal Government confirms it is safe to do so.

For the coffee corner | Panera launched  MyPanera coffee subscription option

With your MyPanera Coffee subscription, you’ll get unlimited coffee for the price of about 4 cups. That’s just under 30¢ a day for any size, any flavor: Light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, decaf, iced coffee, or hot tea. Subscribe today, have some coffee, and do some great things. How does unlimited work? Redeem your subscription once up to every two hours with unlimited refills while you’re in the cafe.

DIY ‘Social distancing crowns’ at Burger King in Germany

Burger King tweeted an image of two customers digging into a meal outside the store while using special do-it-yourself ‘social distancing’ crowns to stay safe. The message: “Distancing, but make it fashion”. The oversized headgear is meant to extend far enough off the wearer’s head to ensure they are 1.8m away from other customers. Available in Germany, check out the image at the website of The Sun.

Robots dish out drinks at reopened Dutch restaurant

At the Dadawan restaurant in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht, an unusual group of new staffers has been brought in to help after the Netherlands eased its coronavirus lockdown this week: Robots. More information and images at the website of Reuters.

The Smink mobile

Just check out the mobile delivery device of the Dutch restaurant Smink with which they deliver their Smink@home menu!

You can now taste video games

Check out the video below from the Nerf Report! Created by a professor at Meiji University in Japan, Homei Miyashita, who developed the Norimaki Synthesizer. They debuted this quarter with it. The Synthesizer is a lickable rod that lets users enjoy various flavors without having to actually consume food. The device has five gel nodules made of electrolytes. The gel emit the five main taste sensations: salty, sour, bitter, sweet and umami. The rod delivers controlled amounts of each gel/taste to the tongue, to simulate specific flavors.









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