Ten fun Valentine’s day ideas for hospitality


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In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the weekend. This means that you have three opportunities in a row to use all your Valentine’s weekend ideas! We gathered some fun suggestions for you here.

Meet Oaky


It’s all about creating the best hotel experience! Article by Julia Soldic.

Any Hospitality Organization wants to be the best – the winner, if you will. This goal has led the Hospitality Industry searching for the ultimate solution to fight competition. The question remains: “What is the most significant measurement tool in fighting competition?” The answer is often: customer satisfaction.  lees verder

Donate money to the food bank via an app


The Mogl app helps raising money for the food bank. Users can register their credit card and when they dine at a participating restaurant, they will receive 10% discount. The user can choose how much of the cashback they donate to the local food bank. The app also shows how many meals there are donated per city and how many meals are still needed. Currently Mogl is only available in a number of American cities, but the goal is to expand.

Pay per minute at Ziferblat


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At the ‘Ziferblat’ café everything is free, except the time you spend there. In the café consumers can use the wi-fi, bring their own food and drinks, drink unlimited coffee and the ingredients to make a lunch are presented. Guests pay € 0,04 per minute, but many consumers give an extra tip on top of the bill. There are 10 Ziferblat cafés, mainly in Russia. Recently the first pay-as-you-feel café opened in London.

Opening nhow hotel Rotterdam


The first nhow hotel in the Netherlands will open in Rotterdam this weekend. After Berlin (2010) and Milan (2007), the four-star hotel with 278 luxurious rooms will open in the building ‘De Rotterdam’. The hotel is designed by renowned architect OMA/ Rem Koolhaas and combines contrasts with the latest technology. The hotel gives well-known artists, designers and local talents a platform to share their art. Nhow asked several local artist to show how they see Rotterdam, like the video above.

Baby food in neighborhood restaurant


Jorit Leijting from restaurant ‘Van de Buurt’ (translated as ‘From the neighbourhood’) recently started serving baby food for kids from 4-6 months, 6-10 months and 10+ months. The chef at the neighboorhood restaurant serves approximately 20-30 kids a week. Jorit Leijting: “It’s not a playground here, but we want to be hospitable to young parents.” The meals are produced by ‘De Kleine Keuken’ (translated as ‘The Small Kitchen’ ), contain no artificial coloration nor preservatives and can be stored for 3 weeks. The developer Kirsten Toeset offers the servings to restaurants and retail.

A guide for child-friendly hospitality industry


‘Horeca Vlaanderen’ and ‘Vlaanderen Lekker Land’ have published an inspirational guide for a child-friendly hospitality industry named ‘Kinderen aan tafel’ (translated as ‘Kids to the Table’). The booklet provides a self-test for restaurant owners, practical checklists, tips & tricks for child-friendly service, menu suggestions, tips for plate decoration and additional services. Unfortunately it’s only available in Dutch.

Noodle brand introduces hangover taxi service


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In the month of December, the English noodle brand ‘Kabuto Noodles’ has launched the service ‘Kab-U-To Work’ in London. Party goers with a hangover could use the ‘Kab-U-To Work’ service to go to the office. The passengers were picked up by taxi and got a bucket of hot Kabuto noodle soup, fresh orange juice and a bag with sunglasses, aspirin and mints. The driver played relaxing music during the drive to the office. After the great success in London, Kabuto Noodles plans to offer the service also at other places.

Offline dinner


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This article is only available in Dutch. 

Collaboration Carlton Oasis and Intratuin


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The Carlton Oasis in Spijkenisse (The Netherlands) works together with Intratuin in Rhoon and Rhoon Groenprojecten BV to decorate the hotel in Winter atmospheres. The hotel buys its Christmas and buffet decorations from the local garden center, that decorates the lobby as a return of favor.

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