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  • Credits Karin BunschotenCredits Karin Bunschoten
  • Credits Karin BunschotenCredits Karin Bunschoten
  • Credits Karin BunschotenCredits Karin Bunschoten

Bumper cars, disco balls and kebabs at a wedding. It is a given nowadays that there is a queue of years at almost all wedding venues. That is why engaged couples sometimes resort to less conventional venues. But one couple took the definition of a wedding location very liberally last weekend. They said yes on Saturday in a kebab store, Karma Kebab, in Utrecht.

An extraordinary location to get married, isn’t it? Would you like to get married here and enjoy a plant-based kebab as dinner? Unconventional anyway!

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Bumper cars, disco lights and kebab at your wedding

“In early June, we were invited to the opening of Karma Kebab. We loved the atmosphere and the location, as well as the plant-based kebab. When we got home, we said to each other ‘how cool would it be to get married here.’ It took a bit of time because it was not an official wedding location, but last Saturday we got married and officially said yes. And who wouldn’t want bumper cars, disco balls and kebabs at their wedding?” Tells happy couple Gonda and Ewoud about their unique wedding location.

Karma Kebab | Official wedding location Utrecht

Now that the first couple has married in Karma Kebab’s catering location, the way is officially clear for anyone who wants to tie the knot for real while the plant-based kebab is sizzling on the griddle. This is because the municipality of Utrecht has designated the catering establishment as an official wedding location. And that is good news, because a big party can be given there. The location can accommodate over 250 guests, there is a DJ booth for musical support and guests can enjoy themselves with bumper cars. Cake can also be arranged, but of course the real enthusiast will cut a kebab sandwich to seal the marriage.

“Beer, friends, socializing, music and good food are the ingredients that started our story at Lowlands in 2018, and that turns out to be a perfect fit for a wedding as well. That’s why we think it’s extra cool that Gonda and Ewoud said their yes with us. At Karma Kebab we believe that life should be a celebration so we did our best to send this couple on their honeymoon with some extra karma points!” said Karma Kebab founder Marcel van der Heijden.

Website: Karma Kebab.

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