Karma Kebab makes the hardcore carnivore’s mouth water


  • Interior Karma Kebab in UtrechtInterior Karma Kebab in Utrecht
  • Interior Karma Kebab in UtrechtInterior Karma Kebab in Utrecht
  • Interior Karma Kebab in UtrechtInterior Karma Kebab in Utrecht
  • Interior Karma Kebab in UtrechtInterior Karma Kebab in Utrecht
  • Karma Kebab - plant-basedKarma Kebab - plant-based
  • Karma Kebab first location in UtrechtKarma Kebab first location in Utrecht

And this title is true! Our colleagues who had already tasted it at festivals were jealous of the colleague, a real meat lover, who got to taste it at the opening! She now has Karma Kebab cravings as well!

Maybe you already knew them from one of the many festivals (Lowlands, Mistery Land, Into the Great Wide Open) where they satisfied your kebab cravings. Because entirely made from grain and celeriac, Karma Kebab still makes even the hardcore carnivore salivate. Now it is time for the next step for the successful, plant-based kebab brand: thanks to initiators Pascal Labrie, Marcel van der Heijden, Hidde Stolwijk and Ivo van der Pauw, the former bicycle depot on the Kanaalweg in Utrecht will be given a new lease of life.

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Free festival feeling also present at the permanent location

Guests will experience the free festival feeling, combined with an accessible bar and restaurant. But delicious and guilt-free food is not the only thing that is possible here: changing events, cultural performances, musical performances and an extensive range of (bar) games and entertainment will make a visit to Karma Kebab an unforgettable experience. “Whether you’re here to spend some time together, to play the old-fashioned games or just to have a good night out: kebab is always the beginning or the end of a legendary evening. And we want to facilitate that night for you”, says Hidde Stolwijk.

The initiators

After the many festivals, it was time for the founders to take the next step. They wanted to bring their knowledge and expertise together in one amazing location. With a surface area of 400m2 restaurant and bar, 1150m2 terrace and no less than 2000m2 event space, Karma Kebab’s new catering location can be called impressive: “We really want to make a positive impact on the world and the people around us. As far as we’re concerned, the best way to make that impact is to be in contact with each other. The food trucks are a wonderful tool for this, but festivals are often only a few days long. So, in order to make more impact, we wanted a place that we could visit all year round. Just as we wanted to reinvent kebab, we thought it was time for the next generation kebab shop, where we not only serve kebab, but let people leave with a smile.” The Utrecht branch is the first of the 10 branches the company plans to open in the next two years.

Karma Kebab at the bar

In the restaurant, visitors will find an extensive, easily accessible menu based on the plant-based Karma Kebab. The restaurant has long, wooden tables, cosy seating areas and breathes an accessible atmosphere, but at the same time has a lighting plan as you would expect from festivals. The spacious, open kitchen allows guests to see how the dishes are prepared. The bar is the central point of the restaurant, where you can drink and eat. The interior is raw, playful and contemporary, leaving the original character of the building intact as much as possible. The circular approach to the interior is remarkable; it consists of as many recycled materials as possible and can be reused at any time.

Festival fun

The enormous event space offers room for many changing initiatives. And that is exactly what is going to happen in this multifunctional hospitality concept on the Kanaalweg. With vintage clothing markets, cultural performances and corporate events on one hand, and riding bumper cars or a roller skate disco on the other: you will find it all under one roof. And as if that were not enough, there are also plans for the roof: a gigantic rooftop terrace is being developed, with the expectation of opening next year. This way, all the experience that the initiators have gained from the many festivals they have been to, comes together in this unique location.

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Website: Karma Kebab

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