Customize your meal before flight


The Latvian airline AirBaltic gives passengers the opportunity to choose their meal before they are going to fly. When to costumer books his flight online, they can choose their own meal. They can choose from a range of meals, salads, bread, drinks and desserts. And to make the consumer more conscious of what they are eating, the nutritional information is described of each menu item . The customized meals are served by AirBaltic during the flight. An interesting way to offer passengers more choice and it can help to increase revenues.

Saying it with flowers


  • bloemen

Obviously The Netherlands is a country filled with flowers that are used in every hotel bouquet or beautiful garden. But special details made out of flowers are not as day-to-day, like in the “Pangkor Laut Resort” in Malaysia where they make little pieces of art of flowers and put them in your room, in the garden or between towels. Do you want to read more examples of small gestures, read our last edition of ‘Royal hospitable gestures‘.

Yes Amsterdam has it all


This video shows how America sells Amsterdam. A fun video to watch, but also a nice city to visit or live in.

A hotel room in a suitcase


  • hotelkamer

Finding a cheap hotel is not always easy, but with the suitcase ‘Hotello’ you can easily set up your own hotel room or workplace anywhere. The suitcase on wheels does not immediately look like a bedroom, but when you unpack the suitcase you transform a empty building in a hotel room. This flexible room can be placed in just any empty space. The suitcase contains a bed, desk with chair and a storage. The ‘Hotello’ is developed by Roberto de Luca and Antonio Scarponi for the Swiss company Daskonzept. The big question is who is going to facilitate space to unpack this ‘suitcase’. More pictures at PSFK.



Imagine, you are on a holiday and you want to eat a local dish. You can eat a meal at a restaurant, but you can also have a dinner at someone’s home… The global community EatWith invites people to dine in homes across the world. Users can offer their ‘kitchen’ on the website of EatWith as an alternative for the restaurants in the area. Travelers can have a cozy dinner at someone’s home, share stories, have an unique experience and meet new people. It is a similar concept as AirBnB. The question is to what extent providers on this website must meet requirements such as hygiene and so on.

Arty napkins at conference hotel Kapellerput


  • servetten

Pay attention to the initiative of “arty napkins” at the “Kapellerput” conference hotel. Every year they choose a piece of art that touched them and have it printed on their linen napkins. They give it out as corporate gifts. The ‘arty napkins’ symbolizes what their conference hotel is about; hospitality and inspiration. The original piece is bought and one napkin is framed, the restaurant uses a disposable version. A true royal gesture. The napkins so far are made by the artists Marijn Moree, Saskia Heuer, Janne Hopman and Jolinde van Poppel. Do you want to read more examples of small gestures, read our last edition of ‘Royal hospitable gestures‘.

A dressed up water bottle


  • flesje water

A ‘small gesture in hospitality’ made local. Like the “Ratilanne Riverside Resort” in Chiang Mai, Thailand did, they dress up their water bottles in local costumes. A very charming little way of presenting the local culture, who’s next or which hotel in The Netherlands serves their bottles in Dutch traditional costumes? Do you want to read more examples of small gestures, read our last edition of ‘Royal hospitable gestures‘.

Mama Sopa


  • mama sopa

Mama Sopa has developed soap products to support the projects of the famous Dutch water foundation SIMAVI. For each product sold, SIMAVI gives a hygiene training to a mother in India, to improve the health of their families and provides mothers with the knowledge they need to prevent diseases. The Dutch design packages are very appealing and designed by Studio Conn-Fetti. These playful soap products are great to use in hotels! It would be great if a hotel puts these soap products in the rooms, to contribute to charity.

Towel art


  • Handdoek

An old fashioned principle, origami with towels! Kids love it and even adults are fascinated. If you look at websites as Tripadvisor, these little pieces of art are often photographed and put online by guests! The “Ratilanna Riverside Resort” in Chiang Mai, Thailand has the elephant as symbol and uses this for their towel art as well. Do you want to read more examples of small gestures, read our last edition of ‘Royal hospitable gestures’.

Royal hospitable gestures


  • gebaren

Especially in the hospitality industry we go above and beyond to treat our guests as a king. Hospitality with a hint of royalty! We publish these booklets to show the hospitality industry practical and easy-to-use examples of exceptional hospitality. We believe true hospitality is to be found in small gestures, gestures of the individual within the company. We will show you examples among other of InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, Waldorf Astoria New York and the Ratilanna Riverside Resort Chang Mai. Click here to download the booklet for free.

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