The Paris guide to tourists


Frenchmen have the image that they are often unfriendly to tourists and that they only speak their own language. The French who work in the tourism industry can now read the book ‘Do you speak touriste‘. This booklet is an initiative of CCIR and CRT from Paris and includes information for taxi drivers, restaurant staff and shop workers how to deal with tourists from different countries. The Dutch people often go on vacation in groups, spend an average of € 139,= per day and approximately 55% of the visitors would love to return within one or two years to Paris, according to the booklet.

High Heel Friday


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A great promotion of the Swissotel in Zurich! During the High Heel Friday women get 3% discount on their bill for every centimeter of heel. An original way to give your guests discount on their bill. So lady’s, put on your highest heels!

Heineken Departure Roulette


Heineken sends travelers to a destination that they have not planned or paid for. Together with agency Wieden & Kennedy New York, the beer brand challenges passengers to play the ‘Departure Roulette’ at Kennedy Airport. Passengers with their passport and tickets already in their hands, could change their flight to an unexpected destination. The ‘Departure Roulette’ is inspired by the new Heineken campaign that previously sent four men to remote destinations and filmed their adventures, launched by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.

Hilton cocktails


Hotel chain Hilton shows how to prepare their cocktails via the Youtube channel. Bartenders from several Hilton hotels in the Caribbean show the secret behind their famous cocktails. What about the Piña Colada in the video above or the Hawaiian Eye Cocktail of the Hilton Hawaiian Village®? Bring the tropical atmosphere of Hilton to your home with these cocktails!

Cinema in the forest


The 20th Century Fox organized a pop-up movie night for the screening of a new animated film at a secret location in Paris. The pop-up cinema was located high in the trees. The new animated film takes place in a forest environment. This pop-up location gives the visitor an ultimate experience.

Vacation in your own city


Inhabitants of The Hague get the possibility to stay in a hotel in their own city. The first edition of the ‘Hotel night The Hague’ will take place on September 7th and 8th. Inhabitants of the city can stay in the most special hotels for a special rate on 7 and 8 September. With the Hotel Night ticket they can also join the culinary, creative and cultural events organized by the participating hotels. The tickets are also valid for several touristic attractions. The complete program will be announced at the end of July. Earlier this year the Hotel Night was organized in Amsterdam.

Ibis France


A part of the Netherlands has gone on vacation last weekend. For those who drive to France the situations in the commercials of Ibis France are perhaps recognizable. Ibis offers a solution for driving at night or annoying children in the car. 

Maastricht hangs the laundry outside


This morning Maastricht welcomed the summer in a special way. In serveral streets freshly washed laundry was hanged out to promote the quest for the ‘cleanest’ photo of the city. The promotion is an initiative by VVV Maastricht and Townhouse Designhotel Maastricht.

Gourmet Bus Barcelona


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The Gourmet Bus in Barcelona combines a sightseeing tour with a haute-cuisine lunch or dinner. This combination makes the bus with modern interior and a panoramic roof unique. The Gourmet Bus offers a sightseeing tour through Barcelona along the main attractions. The guests will be provided with an iPad containing additional information (in eleven languages) and pictures. The bus has a top deck with 30 seats and the lower deck features the kitchen, toilets and an extra table. During the tour the guests will get a lunch or dinner served by the famous Spanish restaurateur Carles Gaig.

Sharing is caring


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On a regular basis we hear that the ideas we show at our website are too far from the daily reality of the restaurant or hotel entrepreneur. There is too little time to bring ideas, with your own twist, in practice. We recently visited Paris and at two restaurants we had the opportunity to enjoy one dessert for the whole table. A giant profiterole filled with ice-cream and topped with chocolate at Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie. Not a great dessert in looks but delicious chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Based on the sharing part I made a ‘Meringue Peche Melba’ this weekend, fresh peach and raspberry combined with meringue and fresh strawberry sauce and ice-cream, for 4 persons on one plate. And if you prepare this dessert on the table, by breaking the gigantic meringue, your dessert becomes even more spectacular! This idea is based on the video of the dessert for the whole table of Alinea, Chicago. Watch the video once again on what they do with the chocolate ball! This is an example of how you can use ideas and make them your own, enjoy being creative! Your guest certainly will with a dessert like this! ^Marjolein

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