Theme park with Michelin-star restaurant


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Europa-Park (Germany) is the first theme park with a Michelin star. Within a year after opening fine dining restaurant Ammolite, located in the lighthouse of the ‘Bell Rock’ theme hotel, has received the star rating. The restaurant has 36 seats and the kitchen is successfully run by chef Peter Hagen (36 years old). For the design of the restaurant designer Claudio Carbone was inspired by a snailhouse, the name ‘Ammolite’ refers to fossil shells from the Rocky Mountains.

For fans of Franch chansons


Marc Cruellas, de zingende patron van ‘Le Bistrot de la Place’ in Den Haag, treedt elke vrijdag- en zaterdagavond samen met zijn pianist Guillaume Marcenac op in zijn eigen bedrijf. Hiermee creëren zij telkens een Parijse sfeer van ‘Montmartre’ en ‘La vie en rose’ in de bistrot.
Op zondag, 1 december, treden zij echter samen op bij de Franse Bistro Bord’o in Leiden. Tijdens het optreden verzorgt het team van bistro Bord’o een 3-gangenmenu ‘Beaujolais Nouveau’, met typische Franse bistro gerechten. En Marc en Guillaume zingen en spelen alle bekende Franse chansons. Voor de liefhebber hiervan een heerlijke avond! En een mooi voorbeeld van samenwerken!

Hospitality experienced in New York


A blog about whether or not tap water; additional chips to the sauce and free Wifi or not? Experiences in New York City.
After visiting New York you won’t really understand the discussion of tap water in the Netherlands anymore. In the USA you are welcomed in each restaurant with the question, if you would like to have some tap water? Of course this is in the DNA of the American restaurant industry but the habit is very welcoming. You also hear a lot of complaints about the taste of chlorine in the tap water causing many people to still buy mineral water. In that respect I would have less problems with the taste of the Dutch tap water. However, especially in areas which are visited by many tourists , restaurant owners must realize that guests from America, are used to the ‘free’ tap water service . They don’t understand our policy to even ask money for tap water! Read more..

Optimal sound experience Wilmink theatre


More and more inhabitants of The Netherlands have hearing problems. At the moment one in seven people has hearing problems. To provide every visitor with the optimal hearing experience Your Sense has installed YSFM hearing systems in the auditoria of the Wilmink theatre. People that wear a hearing aid can connect to a FM system for optimal listening quality. Apart from the acoustics the Wilmink theatre now distinguishes itself by offering an ultimate sound experience to its visitors with hearing problems.

All about grapefruit


  • grapefruit

I hadn’t seen it on the menu for a while; half a grapefruit. During a brunch at The Breslin Bar and Dining Room in the Ace Hotel in New York I ate a super yummy grapefruit with ginger sugar flakes and mint. But again the same problem as always, the cutting isn’t easy and is often not done well, with the effect that you have to do it yourself or miss parts. I don’t understand why it’s not served in ‘clean cut’ wedges, much easier to eat! Marjolein van Spronsen

Kitchen video stream


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On the terrace of ‘A Taberna do Pescador’ in Albufeira, Portugal there is a television screen with a live stream from the kitchen. The terrace is situated in a busy shopping street and the screen combined with a glass display full fresh fish seduces passersby in an original way.

Light spectacle in the streets of Zwolle


  • lichtspektakel

On November 1st, the opening of the light project Sassenstraat Allicht took place in Zwolle, the Netherlands. This autumn/ winter the ‘Sassenstraat’ (name of the street) is illuminated with over 300 lights. Business owners, residents, property owners, City Centre Zwolle, volunteers and more have worked in recent weeks to make this lights show possible. The goals is to create a meeting place where living, working and shopping comes together. Especially during the dark winter days, the light show will be very attractive.

Relaxation in a bathtub


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In a park in Paris, the French design studio ‘Bruit du frigo’ has created a resting place for visitors. A wooden installation with bathtubs is placed around a fountain. Visitors can relax and enjoy the art installations. A number of bathtubs are filled with water and some with pillows. The wooden sculpture shows that the park is open for everyone, friends and family to spend some time together. A place for relaxation, wellness and hospitality.

Miracle fish instead of fortune cookies


  • Miraculeuze visjes

Last week we ate at the seafood restaurant, The Mermaid Inn at the Upper West Side in NYC. They have two more restaurants in town and serve delicious seafood, lobster and oysters. They have no desserts on the menu, all guests receive a chocolate mousse served with, instead of a fortune cookie, a miracle fish who tells the future. Just like the fortune cookies in Chinese restaurants remain very popular, these fish are also very nice. And can be used in other seafood restaurants as well! ^Marjolein

Great Christmas ornaments for an Italian restaurant


  • pizza

What could we write about this picture? Isn’t it great to have a Christmas tree full of glitter pizza boxes and pizza slices? Especially in a pizzeria….

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