Holy Guacamole Day | Tacos with Avocado at Taqueria Lima West


Tacos with avocado, a ‘Cry of Dolores’ bell and even a ‘Cut Out Avocado’ photobooth, this Saturday (16 September) Taqueria LIMA West celebrates ‘Holy Guacamole Day’. With great love for the Mexican cuisine, LIMA’s chefs present their tacos with high-level guacamole in a street food way. You can find the Taqueria LIMA West in the ‘Foodhallen’ in Amsterdam West. lees verder

Trends we spotted | Week 29


  • Trends in het kort

At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others: wouldn’t it be a great idea if KLM started handing out ‘stroopwafel’ chewing gum during take-off and landing? lees verder

Nozem ice cream | Ice cream for Zwarte Cross festival visitors


  • Nozem Oil & Nozem ijs
  • Kruidentuin met Grolsch beugels

Visitors of the Zwarte Cross festival in the Netherlands can make a pit stop at ‘t Noorden in Aalten. The festival will start this weekend and party centre and pancake house ‘t Noorden is located on the route towards the festival. To attract more visitors in the days before the festivals, they decided to put some extra items on their menu. One of them is Nozem Ice Cream, made in collaboration with a farm where ice cream is being made. The ice cream is based on a popular drink being sold at Zwarte Cross: Nozem Oil. lees verder

Visit Amsterdam with the limited edition Care Tag | By KLM


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers passengers who visit Amsterdam in September a handy gadget: the KLM Care Tag. The smart audio luggage tag automatically provides visitors with location based verbal tips on how to traverse the city. The specially designed location-aware audio luggage tag consists of an offline GPS module and a speaker. While you’re walking or cycling through the city, it offers the right tip at the right location at the right time. All over Amsterdam, KLM plotted the voice of their caring crew at spots where people can use some extra assistance. A visitor can simply attach the tag to her/his luggage or clothes. Interesting news for your hotel or AirBnB guests. lees verder

Let’s rock | The music concept at nhow Berlin


  • nhow Berlin
  • Upper tower - Photo Credit Mattias Hamren
  • Studio - Photo Credit Mattias Hamren
  • Side view facade - Photo Credit Mattias Hamren
  • nhow Berlin
  • nhow Berlin
  • nhow Berlin
  • nhow Berlin
  • nhow Berlin
  • nhow Berlin

Two recording studios equipped with top-notch professional equipment located 36 metres above the River Spree epitomise the first-class service provided by nhow Berlin. The conference rooms and nhow suite are all networked to the studios, opening up a whole variety of opportunities from team-building events to recording vocals and interviews. For music fans, the hotel offers a comprehensive variety of services ranging from the guitar room service to live gigs. lees verder

Nice promotion | Free homemade lemonade during evening traffic jam in The Hague


Yesterday was the longest day of the year and maybe also one of the hottest in the Netherlands.  SPARK, the cocktail bar of Hilton The Hague surprised car drivers and cyclists with free homemade lemonade during the evening’s traffic jam. lees verder

Sportspitality | EVEN® Hotels


EVEN® Hotels, the new hotel brand of Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) are focusing on guests who would like to stay active, healthy and well-rested during their holiday or business trip. This philosophy is visible throughout the entire hotel. There is healty food, you can exercise wherever and whenever you want and your entire hotel room is designed to give you the rest you need. Not hospitality but sportspitality. lees verder



THE BUTCHER Social Club, located in the A’DAM tower is a 24h-juncture of great food, new music, edgy creativity, metropolitan lifestyle, and urban design. The A’DAM tower is one of the seven concepts with a 24-hour liquor license in Amsterdam. THE BUTCHER Social Club is a full-service playground for urbanites, open from 8 AM until far after midnight and all around-the-clock on Friday and Saturday. lees verder

Russian Cuisine | At Teremok in New York


Last month I visited Tribeca, not in New York but in a small town in the Netherlands, Heeze. At restaurant Tribeca (two Michelin stars) we ate a delicious, chefs version of Borsch, the famous Russian beetroot soup. It tasted so great that I went looking for a recipe and while searching at Google I found an article at The New Yorker about the opening of the first Teremok restaurants outside of Russia in New York City at Union Square and Chelsea. Is the Russian cuisine growing in popularity? lees verder

Tante Kee | Ready for the future


Tante Kee (Aunt Kee) has been open for a month now and yesterday we had the pleasure to experience the dishes of the newly appointed chef Bobby Rust. The restaurant has been given a complete makeover and with Bobby they want to upgrade the culinary standards of the restaurant. The restaurant is located at the picturesque Kaag island between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, you even have to take a short boat trip to reach the restaurant! lees verder

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