Connie – Hilton’s new robot


A new robot in the hospitality industry. Hilton Worldwide and IBM announced a collaboration to pilot ‘Connie’ – the first Watson-enabled robot concierge in the hospitality industry. Hilton’s new robot draws on domain knowledge from Watson and WayBlazer to inform guests on local tourist attractions, dining recommendations and hotel features and amenities.

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Waking up between sharks with Airbnb’s ‘A Night At’


A once in a lifetime experience: spending the night at a very unique accommodation. In the context of ‘A Night At’ campaign it is possible to spend the night in an underwater bedroom in the shark tank of Aquarium de Paris. This means you will wake up between sharks! Who dares? lees verder

McDonald’s in 2016: A restaurant?


Guest blog of Leonie van Spronsen, living and working in Paris, where she experienced the table service at the McDonald’s at the Champs-Élysées. lees verder

Do’s and don’ts for your terrace 2016


  • By Freepik

#1 ‘Sorry, I don’t take orders, you will have to ask my colleague’ – don’t

Large groups of guests are often annoyed by this. The owner choses to take the orders through automated devices, which is fine for the efficiency, but should never bother the guests, like the answer: no one brought a ‘device’ with them. Solution: when the staff is busy serving, they are allowed to ask for a moment. Afterwards they should immediately signal a colleague with a device or pass on the order. lees verder

Trends for your terrace 2016


  • IJsjes
  • Stoere limonades
  • Kraanwater
  • Koude koffie & koffiecocktails
  • Vermouth of gin-tonic

The meteorological spring has started this week. Here in Amsterdam the weather doesn’t show a sign of it yet, but with a little bit of luck we can enjoy the sunshine on the terraces by the end of the month. What should you serve on your terrace this season? Below you can find a list of products we expect to see on the Dutch terraces. In our first trend presentation this year, about terrace trends, the products below were mentioned. lees verder

Food festivals: prevent queues or make sure your guests enjoy the queue…


  • Credits: @dominiqueansel’s Instagram.

Guest blog of Leonie van Spronsen, living and working in Paris, heard her colleagues complain about the long queues during the ‘Taste of Paris’ last week. Due to the start of the festival season last weekend with the ‘Taste of Holland’, Leonie blogs about the annoyance of queues. It is not too late to do something about them yet..

Over the past few years they have been popping up all over the world, these “foodie-festivals”we mean, they are either indoor or outdoor, focus on astonishing gastronomy or on variations of our favourite snacks. I personally feel that this is a great development, as the average foodie enjoys these more than a dance festival. But much to our dismay, queueing up  has become a regular activity at all these “foodie-festivals”.

Every small but delicious bite you want to try is ruined by a spectacular waiting line. At ‘Taste of Paris’ the average waiting time was 30 to 45 minutes for basically every stand. But also last summer, while visiting ‘Rollende Keukens’we had to conclude that the festival has had its best days, the terrain gets way too busy these days and this takes the fun out of it for us and many others. Obviously these huge crowds are great for the organizers and illustrates the large demand for these types of events, but the negative effect of over-crowdedness will clearly affect your event and the future of your event quickly.

So how come this situation arises on these festivals? The fact that there are long lines at amateur festivals is to be expected, their organizers usually aren’t specialized in the logistics of F&B. Besides, true hospitality is usually not their main goal. But these “foodie-festivals” consists mostly of hospitality entrepreneurs am I right? How is then still possible that these festivals create such un-hospitable situations? Hospitality is their core business!

For the future of the “foodie-festival”it seems to be very important that we solve this ‘queueing up-situation’ because if not.. Will they still be as popular as they are or will people get sick of it soon?

You can either solve this or accept the lines and entertain your guests!

In regards to entertaing your queueing customers, festival entrepreneurs could take some inspiration from baker Dominique Ansel. With two lines a day in front of his bakery (early morning for the cronuts and at 4 PM for the milk cookie-shots) this is the man that can tell you a thing or two about lines and people in lines. He excels in entertaining his waiting customers, like last weekend when he personally handed out roses to ‘his line’ for Valentine’s Day at his bakery in New York City. But on any given day, him and his team hand out warm madeleines, hot chocolate milk, appel cider or lemonade if it’s hot out.

At the opening of his bakery in Japan they even went as far as doing social media challenges between the lines in New York and Tokyo. They arranged for breakdancers to entertain the crowd and when it got really sunny and hot, they sprayed their customers with water sprays to keep them cool.

You can check out our article about the opening of the Tokyo bakery on our website

So consider entertaining your guests while they wait and thus make sure your “foodie-festival” visitor keeps coming back for more. We would love to visit festivals without lines but if that’s too much to ask.. at least keep them entertained!

Leonie van Spronsen


Bubblehouses, mobile homes and treehouses by Insolite by Logis



The Fédération Internationale des Logis, the quality label of small European hotel–restaurants with 17 affiliated hotels in the Netherlands, reinforces the current hotel supply with two new brands: Maison by Logis and Isolite by Logis. lees verder

The wish tree of ‘Lot & de Walvis’


During the December month, restaurant ‘Lot & de Walvis’ (Lot and the Whale) in Leiden had a ‘wish tree’ instead of a Christmas tree. The guests of the restaurant could write down their wish and hang it into the tree. The wish that will be carried out by Lot is chosen through Social Media.


Everyone knows them; a ‘wish tree’. Especially when you visited Utrecht last December you couldn’t have missed it. The ‘wish trees of Utrecht’ were put down on five different squares in the city in which the people could hang their wishes. The trees on the squares were getting decorated with many different wishes and some wishes were granted. This idea came from entrepreneur Sidney Rubens in order to promote the Knuss Winterfest in an original way.

All about the wish tree of ‘Lot & de Walvis’

It is also possible to apply a wish tree on a smaller scale. Guests of ‘Lot & de Walvis’ could write down their wish and hang it in the tree situated in the restaurant. Besides that, they involved their community on Facebook in the final decision for the best wish and managed to achieve a relatively large audience. The message in which the people could vote was shared, liked and received a lot of attention. Also the message with the announcement of the winner was popular with 132 likes. The power of Social Media!

The Hospitality Group Leiden

Lot & de Walvis’ is a part of the Hospitality Group Leiden together with Van der Werff, La France, City Hall and The Bishop. The board consists of the brothers Richard and Wouter van Leeuwen and Rob van Wijnen. Wouter van Leeuwen and Rob van Wijnen are responsible for the hospitality companies in Leiden. Richard van Leeuwen focuses on the four Harbour Clubs based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Scheveningen and on Ibiza.

This is how we want to inspire …


The BillyBird park at Hemelrijk has introduced his own Toilet Experience. They reacted to our questionnaire with an explanation how one of our articles inspired them to create a new toilet building at the park.

Inspire not copy.

Last week we included a questionnaire in our trendmail (only in the Dutch version). Ton Derks recreation-entrepreneur from BillyBird park reacted with a perfect example of how we want to inspire entrepreneurs. In March we wrote about the Toilet Xperience’ on the Extrema Outdoor festival. The visitors of the festival could go to the Loo with a lot of extras. We published this article in our trendmail and Ton Derks got inspired to place three toilet units underneath the roof of a carousel. They created their own Toilet Experience, as shown above.

Did we inspire you? We love to hear it

A great example of how we love to inspire. We write 5 to 10 articles weekly with which we want to inspire entrepreneurs in the hospitality branch. It’s great to see a new twist to an old trend, we can’t all be innovators! Do you have similar examples, we love to write about it.

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Small gestures in hospitality for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is originally an American holiday. But hey let’s celebrate it in the Netherlands as well because it’s a very convenient date for a small party!

The hospitality industry is very good at coming up with nice big and small gestures for Valentine’s Day. We have searched the internet and collected a lot of examples. About some we have already written before but it’s all collected in this edition of ‘Small gestures in hospitality for Valentine’s Day’. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Pinterest board for Valentine’s Day!

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