Trading spaces | Two chefs from the Netherlands and Bali, exchange their restaurants


  • Team RIJKSTeam RIJKS
  • Team LocavoreTeam Locavore
  • Team RIJKSRIJKS® dish - By Rinze Vegelien
  • Team LocavoreDish bubursumsum by restaurant Locavore
  • Team LocavoreDish otakotak by restaurant Locavore
  • Team RIJKSRIJKS® dish 998 by Jan Kees Steenman

From the 23th till the 26th of May, two different teams of chefs will exchange from both restaurant and life. Restaurant Locavore (Ubud, Bali) and RIJKS (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) rise to the challenge of participating in the largest cross-border chef event. They let know that they are ready to push the boundaries and are willing to stimulate creativity and offer guests even more unique experiences.

Culinary adventure for the chefs and guests of restaurant RIJKS and Locavore | Trading spaces

Trading Spaces is an unique and challenging event, born from the idea to deepen the “guestchef’ concept.  During this event, every cook travels to his new, temporary environment without any ingredients, recipes and with just a few helping hands. They will enjoy the local culture before finally preparing their signature menu in the restaurant of another chef. Guests of restaurant RIJKS and Locavore can expect an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Exchange of chefs

We already wrote about a similar exchange of chefs in 2015. This was organized by Gelinaz!, a partnership in which a total of 37 of the best chefs in the world exchange life, identity and restaurants. They are still performing under the motto: ‘’A think tank, a boot camp’’.


Website: Trading Spaces

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