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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about the new guest chef at Gastronomixs of restaurant Under in Norway, we recently wrote about this restaurant. And George Clooney called for a boycott of hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

Did you ever taste black Sapote? We thought it sounds like maybe snake? Read in the article what it really is! And inspiration for avocado lovers from Texas, The Barbacado.

We’re kind of jealous at those working at offices in the UK, they can enter a contest to win a Brockmans Gin pop-up G&T bar for their Friday happy hour at the office! We hope to inspire Dutch Gin or Jenever brands to do the same!

A great example of collaboration from New York, The Republic of Booza started a collaboration series! And if you’re going to Paris, check out the L’Atelier des Lumières museum! You can walk in one of the painting of Van Gogh here!

BrewDog wants to open a hotel for beer geeks In London and they might get the MGS Sphere there in the future! Also in London: a new dining boulevard opened under the new European headquarters of Bloomberg.

Last but not least: for those who love to play the ‘Mario Kart’ game; a real-life game is coming to London! With whom are you going?

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

Guest chef at Gastronomixs in April | Chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard of restaurant Under

We recently wrote about restaurant Under in Norway. Chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard cooks at this exceptional location with the culinary focus on creating a refined culinary experience based on high-quality local products, with special attention to sustainable flora and fauna. Gastronomixs snatched this chef to share 3 dishes with them in April! Among other things, he shares a dish of “razors with celeriac” and “shrimp, stem lettuce and “Fenalår” on this platform for chefs and foodies.

George Clooney calls for boycott of hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei

Starting April 3, the small country of Brunei plans to implement a new penal code that would make homosexuality punishable by being stoned to death. Brunei quietly passed the new penal code at the end of December, but it only made its way into international headlines this month, as the enactment of the new law looms. In the wake of this disturbing news, actor George Clooney penned an op-ed for Deadline, calling for a boycott of Dorchester Collection hotels owned by Brunei Investment Agency, owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Among the Dorchester Collection hotels, The Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

Black Sapote | Fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding

An article on Fine Dining Lovers about fruit from Central America (like Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala), black Sapote or chocolate pudding fruit. It looks like a tomato when it is unripe, and the pulp doesn’t taste nice at this point, kind of bitter. But it’s at this green and under ripe point that the fruit is picked after which it will take up to ten days to ripen at room temperature. Ripe, the skin looks muddy green, and the white pulp is turned into a dark brown and according to the writer of this story it does take on the flavour, colour, and texture similar to a chocolate pudding.

The Barbacado | avocado toast, Texas-style

The Barbacado is avocado toast Texas-style, served at the LeRoy and Lewis food truck in Austin. Basically it’s half an avocado filled with barbacoa. Check out the video of Thrillist to see what Barbacoa is….

Win a Brockmans happy hour for your office

Unfortunately only in the UK! We, I mean our completely staff, would love to enter this contest to win our very own Brockmans Gin pop-up G&T bar for our Friday after-work drinks! Only UK office workers can enter! So tell Brockmans why you and your colleagues deserve Brockmans Happy Hour.

To be in the chance to win, you may submit a video, image or text telling them why your office deserves to win using the hashtag #BrockmansHappyHour. The office name and location must be included within the entry. Entries can be submitted three ways: by Tweet @BrockmansGin, By posting a photo to Instagram tagging @BrockmansGin or a post on the @Brockmans.Gin Facebook page. The Brockmans Happy Hour in the month of April will take place on April 18th, 2019. In order to win this month’s happy hour, you will need to submit your entry by April 10th at 11:59 GMT.

Maybe a great initiative for Dutch gin or jenever brands????

L’Atelier des Lumières museum | Walking in Van Gogh’s paintings

If you’re going to Paris this year, you should visit to the L’Atelier des Lumières museum. This museum is Paris’ first digital art museum and till the end of the year, the museum is exhibiting a larger-than-life showcase of Van Gogh paintings. His stunning artworks can be cherished through an amalgamation of art and music.

Mushroom Rally | A real-life version of Mario Kart in London

Do you want to experience all the thrills from a video game in real life? According to this article at ‘Secret London’ a real-life version of Mario Kart will be speeding to London this Spring.

The Mushroom Rally gets you dressed up as your favourite Mario characters, before letting you loose on a custom-built go-kart track where you’ll duel your friends for the title of best Italian plumber-turned race car driver.

Republic of Booza | Ice cream collaboration series

We love collaboration examples in the hospitality industry! This time from Republic of Booza (creating the original ice cream) that announced its first ever Collaboration Series. They’ve partnered with NYC’s top experts—cheesemongers, bakers, connoisseurs of regional cuisine—to create a lineup of eleven flavors that combines the genius of their craft with the magic of booza. Amongst the collaborations:

  • 4/1-4/14: Clinton Street Baking Company — Blueberry Pancake Booza
  • 4/15-4/28: Okonomi— Sake Kasu & Yuzu Kosho Sorbet
  • 4/29-5/12: Black Seed Bagels— Everything Bagel Booza
  • 5/13-5/27: Win Son— Guava-Plum Powder Sorbet
  • 5/28-6/9: Emily Miller— Malaysian Breakfast: Pulled Tea & Kaya Toast
  • 6/10-6/23: Murray’s Cheese— “Cheese & Wine” with a flavor flight:
  • Langres & Champagne, Cambozola & Tawny Port, Up In Smoke & Rye Whiskey

The MSG Sphere | A state-of-the-art music and entertainment venue might be coming to London

The Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) wants to transform an undeveloped site in the heart of Stratford, East London, into MSG Sphere – a state-of-the-art music and entertainment venue that will pioneer the next generation of immersive experiences, and create unforgettable moments for fans from the UK and around the world. If approved, MSG Sphere would become a thriving destination that also serves as a long-term investment in the future of London, supporting thousands of jobs and delivering billions of pounds of economic benefit for Newham, London and the UK. All according their website.

BrewDog says its looking to open a ‘hotel for beer geeks’ in London

With its craft beer hotel in Ohio now pulling in a steady stream of happy punters, BrewDog has now set its bleary sights on London for the opening of the ‘ultimate hotel for beer geeks’. Read the details at the website of the Telegraph.

Bloomberg Arcade | New dining boulevard in London

Bloomberg Arcade, the sandstone building between Cannon Street station and Bank Underground in London is home to Bloomberg’s new European headquarters. Down its centre runs the City’s newest dining boulevard packed with  restaurants and bars. Take a stroll around the handsome complex, and you’ll spot eateries running the gamut from Chinese to Nordic cuisine, from breakfast spots through to late night whiskies. Check out the insider’s guide at the website of The Nudge.


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