A list of special food bikes and food tricycles


  • coffee tricycle by Bar Companycoffee tricycle by Bar Company
  • De smoothie bike by Bar CompanyDe smoothie bike by Bar Company
  • the churros tricycle of Ideas Boxthe churros tricycle of Ideas Box
  • The Dutch cocktailfiets by Niels Den BoogertThe Dutch cocktailfiets by Niels Den Boogert
  • The Dutch cocktailfiets by Niels Den BoogertThe Dutch cocktailfiets by Niels Den Boogert
  • The Dutch 'oesterfiets' or oysterbikeThe Dutch 'oesterfiets' or oysterbike
  • The Dutch 'oesterfiets' or oysterbikeThe Dutch 'oesterfiets' or oysterbike
  • The Dutch Pizzafiets by the koffiefietsThe Dutch Pizzafiets by the koffiefiets
  • The Dutch Pizzafiets by the koffiefietsThe Dutch Pizzafiets by the koffiefiets
  • The food bike by Bar CompanyThe food bike by Bar Company

In the Netherlands we cycle a lot and who is not familiar with the bike from which ice cream is sold? Or a coffee bike in a hiking area? But there are many more bicycles from which oysters, cocktails, fries, smoothies, cotton candy, cheese, churros and pizzas are sold. There are a number of professional food bike rental companies, but we also know a number of enthusiastic one-man businesses such as the ‘Oyster bike’ of Jolijn Géboers in Amsterdam and the ‘Cocktail bike’ of Niels den Boogert. With the summer approaching, a list of ‘food bikes’ and ‘food tricycles’! Maybe time for a small-scale food bike / food tricycles festival instead of a food truck festival? And then a joint work-out from the Bakfiets Gym afterwards!

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In the title you will find the websites of the various food bikes.

The Dutch ‘Oesterfiets’ (Oyster Bike)

A special bike we came across is the ‘Oyster Bike’ of Jolijn Géboers. On sunny days she cycles through Amsterdam and cracks the oysters on the spot for anyone who feels like having one, or two! In advance she will share on her Instagram story where she will be that day. The oyster bike can also be hired for private parties. The Oyster Bike provides the perfect mix of taste and fun by telling guests all about this wonderful product. She got the idea when she missed an oyster while enjoying a glass of white wine in the park.

The Cocktail Bike

Another unique bicycle is ‘De Cocktailfiets’ by Niels den Boogert. Niels is responsible for everything from A to Z. The cocktails are shaken on location, and perfect preparation and aftercare are also provided. The Cocktail bike can be hired for parties. Guests can choose from eight different cocktails, including non-alcoholic options for this is uses amongst others the Pinkyrose lemonade. In addition to being able to be booked as a bar, it is also possible to hire The ‘Cocktailfiets’ for a cocktail workshop, ideal for a bachelor party or other unique event!

Fries on tour | Snack wall on a bicycle

Since recent it’s possible to rent a snack wall on a bike for events such as a wedding, company lunch or Gender Reveal, through the website of frietjes on tour. This vintage bicycle has already “cycled” through all provinces. After many miles, the snack bike is converted to provide you with delicious snacks. Think of both hot and cold dishes. Spring rolls, chicken nuggets, gazpacho, salads, etc.


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Een bericht gedeeld door Frietjeontour.nl (@frietjeontour.nl)

‘De Bak brommer’ – Asian street food truck

Not a bicycle, but a moped. The Mobile Wok ‘n Grill is an Asian inspired street food, food truck. This is a 1964 moped transformed into a mobile wok and grill. The idea arose during a tour through Thailand and Cambodia. You will find different oriental dishes such as Singapore noodles, Thai stir-fry chicken and Asian stir-fry shrimp. The team will introduce you to real oriental flavors.

Shakes on Weels | A Smoothie tricycle

We also came across this healthy smoothie tricycle, shakes on weels. It all started with a transformed smoothie bike. Maurits and Michelle used it to cycle around Utrecht with smoothies to go. They now have several cocktail bars, a smoothie food truck and a permanent location in Utrecht. The team of 10 shakers is on the road every day to events, companies and festivals throughout the country! Shakes on Wheels is part of ‘Stadsfruit’- specialist in healthy concepts for companies and events: healthy catering, massage, bootcamp and yoga.


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Een bericht gedeeld door Shakes on Wheels (@shakesonwheels)

The Bar Company has multiple food bikes

The Bar Company, one of the bigger players in the field of food trucks and events in the Netherlands with more than 100 cocktail shakers, baristas and bartenders employed. The Bar Company offers a lot of nice bars on location. For example, a cocktail bar, coffee bar, juice bar, smoothie bar and oxygen bar and some on a tricycle. You can even rent the ‘shake bike’. This is a high quality exercise bike with a blender connected to it. This blender does not work on electricity, but only works by cycling on the bike. By cycling you can make your own smoothie!

The Pizzabike of the coffee bike

The story of this fun bike starts with Freek and Djofre. They have been friends since they were 15 and studied for teacher together, which they traded in for their passion, coffee! The idea for their coffee bike comes from a busy coffee shop in Italy. By now they have several bikes like a cool pizza bike! From the characteristic tricycle, the pizza baker prepares fresh pizzas according to Neapolitan recipe: flavorful, thin and crispy in the wood oven at 400+ degrees Celsius. Sounds very tasty!

Churros tricycle and cotton candy bicycle

We also came across this fun ‘Churros tricycle’ by Ideas Box in the UK! A charming food bike built in an eye-catching and decorative way. The Churros tricycle is one of the many bikes from IdeasBox in London. They also have the ‘sipsmith’, a bronze cocktail bike, a ‘Candy Floss tricycle’ and the ‘cheese tricycle’. They are real English, so they have a cocktail bike with only Pimms cocktails and a strawberries & cream bike. It seems that with their bikes they can organize their own food tricycles festival! Where would you go first?

The bikes of Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets, in their own words ‘a candy store for event organizers’ works together with Roaming chefs and offers different kinds of food tricycles. They serve a variety of snacks at events and they do this with sustainable disposables to give nature a helping hand. They have three different tricycles so you can for example at one, get a glass of bubbles, at the other a snack and use the third tricycle as a DJ booth. Other ideas are always welcome as well!

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